Elf Map of Summergleam

While there are only 5 High Elven Lordly houses, there are many princes and princesses. Due to the long lifespan of Elves, this can often lead to feuds and disputes over whom is best to rule in the event a Lord and Lady moves on from the Mortal Plane.

The solution the High Elves use is elegant; each city is ruled as a city-state by a Prince or Princess. Every noble has a land to rule, and every House maintains large territory without it becoming ungainly.

Summergleam is a relatively new land, in that it used to be a single shared outpost between Humans and Elves. When the High Elves became more insular, they ousted the Humans from the forests and forced them to set up their own kingdoms. (See Somergleam)

There are 9 principalities of Summergleam, split between 4 of the 5 Lordly Houses. Each principality has a city and satellite towns and villages, usually built into the treetops.

Wood Elven tribes also make their home in these forests, but keep to themselves and maintain the forest itself.

Trade between settlements is common, and the Elves welcome trade with Gnome travellers, but will shun trade with Dwarves (with which they are openly aggressive but not at war with) and Humans. Most of the royalty in the area are too busy trying to one-up each other and having their petty squables to concetrate on the paltry comings and goings of other kingdoms in the area.

The principalities in the area are:


The noble houses of the area are:







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