Human and Halfling Map of Somergleam

When the Humans and Halflings were expelled centuries ago from their shared settlement with the Elves, many of the nobles among them decided to strike out and forge new kingdoms separate from eachother.

Not so for the Jorin's and the Harken's. They decided to found an empire that would hope to control the entire region. This failed very quickly due to in-fighting, and eventually only the Jorin's remained and took control. For 200 years the Jorin's have reigned from Somergleam Hold, named for the empire it hoped to be.

Nowadays Somergleam is a respected kingdom, although lacking greatly in military might. While it can sustain itself, its labourers and material resources are lacking any unique abilities that enable enough trade that would financially support an army. Indeed, the smiths in the kingdom mostly make tools and trinkets, for to get the materials for weapons requires them to save up a great deal of coin.

Mostly interested in the affairs of neighbouring kingdoms and tales of glory days gone by, Bards are very well paid and respected in the more urban areas of the kingdom.

Nearby township Bersault, formed of Bersault-on-the-Hill, Bersault-on-the-Sea and Bersault-by-the-Hill, produces most of the food for the kingdom, with some private farmsteads further north supplementing this.

Magic use is rare in the kingdom, with only a single court Wizard employed by the Queen.


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