Less of a single game more of a Triathalon of events, Shields is a popular game in various Dwarven Halls across the land; none more so, however, than in Trillhelm's Hall.

The first part is a team sport; opposing sides use wooden shields to bash eachother and force the other team to cross a series of lines. Pints (not points) are awarded for each line crossed. Teams can cross lines multiple times. The game doesn't end until the last line is crossed by one of the teams. The longest running "Breaker" portion of the game lasted 3 days.

The second part is the "Dragon" portion of the game. All participants line up, with shields, on either side of the running path. Usually straight, sometimes curved (depending upon the size of the hall), this path leads to the Pints scored in the last event. This usually numbers in the hundreds. Those furthest from the Pints break from the line and run the gauntlet, dodging shield bashes from those on the sides. If they get to the end, they down a Pint and join the line at that end, and the cycle continues until all Pints are gone. This is often an elimination round.

The final event is the "Hoard" event. All still-participating contestants split back into their teams to pick a champion (usually the most sober). Everyone stands in a square or rectangle formation and hold their shields above them, forming a platform. The Champions then race around the shields until one falls. As a way to test which shields are now bashed and ready to break, and a way to psych each other out, veterans at the game will often perform tricks as they slowly make the first circuit around, working out which shields are about to buckle, and which carriers are drunk enough to drop you.


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