Dwarf Map of SouthWest Enon Coast

The main Dwarven city in the south-western province of the continent of Enon, Korath is built deep into the Mountains of Duracos, towards the middle of the region.

It's a solid, multi-industrial town that is entirely self-sufficient, as all Dwarven capitals are; more Connubation than single City, the districts have strict industrial separation. Despite this, no industrial class systems have arisen despite similar concepts appearing in Human and Halfling cities with largescale industrial centres.

King Trillhelm presides, hosting hall feasts every other day. His favourite game is that of Shields, and he offers a reward for outsiders able to best his champions.

There are two Dwarven outposts in the region that require frequent resupply; they try to resupply from the nearby Kingdoms of other races due to the large number of Elven kingdoms in the region. To risk a caravan from Korath being tracked to one of these hidden outposts would devastate the tactical superiority of such forts.


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