The Citadel of Uril.

Currently unexplained and largely unexplored. Lies west of Somergleam, south-east of Korath, and east of the south-western Summergleam principalities.

Contains a crystal Monolith in the lower levels.

3 rival Elven princes have sent expeditions here and are searching for the caverns where the Monolith is. The Pengthan Elves had arrived some centuries earlier and attempted to explore, but the expedition was lost.
The Edhel and Magolglir arrived recently, and were encountered by a small team of adventurers led by Simon Besal. A short-lived treaty was established, which was quickly abandoned by the Edhel Elves as soon as it was convenient for them to do so. The Magolglir were all but wiped out due to attacks from undead Pengthan Elves.


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