On the Road At Last pt. 10


Adrik Donavyn Garton
Darrin Mark Boules
Ero Steven Lynch
Ezrah Alice Vondresna
Kain Shannon Field
Lorawyn Marija Bubanovic
Nix Zachary Michael Davis
Talison John Heet
Theodore Jeremy Midwinter

“Hold the line!” Ero shouts as Theodore breaks ranks, then grumbles as he braces himself for the onrush of lizardmen he suspects will chase the boy back to their little redoubt momentarily.

Ezra watches from his position, not wanting to move away from the group and lead a retreat, but not wanting to charge in against the group’s wishes. He crouches and tries to calculate how far away the horde are from him and if he’d be able to shoot down on them without the risk of hitting anyone of his companions; he can see the two lizardmen advancing on Theodore, who has broken formation with the others. Another three lizardmen struggle against a Bugbear and Goblins some fifty feet away while the two on Theodore are closer at around twenty-five feet away. A Shortbow might work, but a Longbow or Spear throw certainly wouldn’t. Ezra draws an arrow taking aim at one of the lizardmen who have broken formation and looses his arrow which glances from the shield of one of them.

Spinning from the arrow shot, the Lizardman gives a raspy cry as he thrusts his weapon at Theodore. The two reptilians clash with him, stopping to strike the plate-armoured man down with their javelins. Pulling their weapons back, they thrust forward only to ricochet from the solid armour. An ominous ring goes out as the armour protects Theodore, and the Lizardmen all raise their heads and stare for a moment before all leaving their prey and charging down the tunnel towards him. Somehow, the armour is attracting the Lizardmen. Theodore raises his arms in readiness to blow the coming onslaught.

“Could everyone PLEASE make like your chair’s been pulled out from under you, and FALL BACK!? They have a clear advantage in the number!” Darrin starts to make his way towards the exit, not turning his back on the lizardmen as he pulls his hand up to beside his face. With a twitch of his cheek the hand begins to heat the air around it. Almost without further contemplation, and with determination, he launches a firebolt as a parting shot. It streaks past Ero and Talison who hold the line and effectively block off the tunnel.

The bolt of flame knocks a Lizardman back as he leaves the Bugbear he was just attacking, granting the hulking beast the opportunity to grab its tail and pull the reptilian back into the room with the pile of gold. A loud cracking sound penetrates the cacophany of screeching and growling, followed by the deep bellow of the Bugbear, victorious. The victory is short-lived, however, as he then collapses to the ground with almost a dozen javelins sticking out of his chest and sides. More lizardmen pour out of the doorway.

Lorawyn, still disguised as a cat, sneaks around the Lizardmen and then shifts into her Dragonborn form when she’s behind them. “Pashkas-elakh” she yells as she throws one hand to the ground. A moment of fear might have been felt by lesser initiates, but Lorawyn’s experience and connection to the Feyweave assures her that the seconds she is spending being vulnerable will bear fruit. A feral-looking Lizardman emerging from the doorway slows from following his companions, looks the scarlet Druid up and down and pulls his Javelin back in readiness to strike. Loarwayn locks eyes with the reptilian and doesn’t flinch as the javelin thrusts forward and stops barely an inch from her eye. The lizardman’s eyes bulge as he strains against the pale root that has burst from the rocky cave floor and wrapped around his wrist and shoulder. Another shoot bursts forth and stops his legs and other arm. Lorawyn gives a small smirk as all the way through to Theodore every Lizardman stands stuck by vines and roots from the walls and floor of the cave tunnel.

In the tunnel above, Nix looks at the goblin. “Let’s take this one with us. Something about him reminds me of something…” Nix begins dragging the bound goblin out. “Little help please?” Kain gives a disappointed grunt as he leaves Ezra’s side and joins Nix in retreating with the Goblins.

Roll for Initiative (1d20 + your Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Talison +10XP ( Total XP)
Nix +10XP ( Total XP)
Darrin +15XP ( Total XP)
Ero +10XP ( Total XP)
Ezra +15XP ( Total XP)
Adrik +5XP ( Total XP)
Lorawyn +20XP ( Total XP)
Theodore +15XP ( Total XP)
Kain +5XP ( Total XP)



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