Hyxhuathil Briefing pt. 7

The Missing Round

Gemscale realizes that he doesn’t recognize the kobolds and he lets out a sigh of relief. Seeing their burns, he flashes back to the prison he was just recently shackled in and remembers the fiery torture devices. Maybe these kobolds are running from the same enemy.
Regardless, Gemscale decides the best course of action currently is to talk to the giants trying to intervene as the gold is weighing him down. He yells quickly and matter-of-factly “STOP THIEF WITH WAGON!!”

Lorrias, seeing the sleeping spell failing, tries to stand his ground and appear brave as he shouts. “Explain yourself! What do you want?” He clutches his shortsword with one hand, and reaches for his component pouch with the other.

Zadkiel observes the one-armed Elfblood as he angrily stares at Lorrias. Hyln bumps into the bald humanoid as he tries to aim his axe at the harnesses of the horses he failed to calm. Striking hard, he splits the leather and frees the steeds. They rear up and charge forward, ramming into Hyln and Zadkiel as they barrel past.

Knives moves next to the trader and puts a claw to his throat while saying in a soft voice “I think it is in your best interest to stop…” He is cut off as the trader pushes the clawed hand aside, crossing with a punch to the jaw with the handle of the tiny crossbow in his hand.
Through gritted teeth, the Svirfneblin growls at the Tabaxi. “Back off! This doesn’t concern you, Feline!”

The Stone Giants all look at each other, look down at the ground and begin to move in towards Knives. It appears Gemscale’s instructions were less than clear.

Roll for initative (1d20 + your dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Hyln takes 6 Hit Points of damage from the wild horses.

Zadkiel takes 4 Hit Points of damage from the wild horses.

Plays with Knives takes 4 Hit Points of damage from Kejermann’s attack.

Everyone apart from Halfdan and Knives must make a Dexterity saving throw (1d20 + your dexterity modifier (+ your proficiency bonus, if proficient)) if you want to move more than 10 feet due to the ice sheet on the floor.

Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +10XP
Hyln +15XP
Knives +15XP
Halfdan +5XP



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