Going Green pt. 1

City Arrival

Strange as the evening was, the morning is even stranger. Since being initiated in the Order, Faal has found that every sight and sound, every touch of the breeze is tinged with energy. The world itself seem alive, full to bursting with the Feyweave in every nook. The feeling is indescribable, but elative.

Taking a deep breath and taking each step confidently, Faal thinks back to his instructions. Not a mission per se. He is to walk North and find meaning. As vague as the instruction was, he took it to heart. Exploring the vast wilderness, he sees the Orc city lying before him at the base of the mountain. It look busy. Tall structures built in tiers, edging up the stone, made of sturdy looking timbers and roughly worked stone.

Approaching, the gatehouses are heavily patrolled. The guards are friendly enough, and the final set of gates upon with barely a word spoken. Within, the city feels cosy. The buildings are close together, almost too close. There’s barely ten feet to a street, Orcs moving aside to let wheelbarrows through carrying goods and food. While appearing to be industrious, how they achieve such a feat is unclear. The variety of stores on offer is similarly bewildering. Craftsmen, food vendors and several other services dot the landscape, with houses placed between them. The Orcs tower over Faal, and although he gets several dirty looks, he continues exploring the streets. A few Svirfneblins wander around, dark skinned Gnome-related creatures that usually live deep undergound. Along with a few other peoples walking the streets, the city seems metropolitan enough to welcome his coin. Unfortunately, a few unsavoury practises catch the eye of the initiate: A trader swipes a few potatoes back from his customer while they are unaware, a cutpurse takes a pounch from a Svirfneblin’s belt, and what looks to be a town guard has cornered a young Orc and is berating them. They look terrified.

Faal gathers himself and chooses what to do. While he could intervene, perhaps this is simply the ways things are done in this city. The options seem to be get involved, or continue to a tavern and sample the delights that civilisation can offer after a tiresome journey eating berries and nuts.

What do you do?

Faal +0XP



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