To the Citadel of Uril pt. 3

The mounted soldiers halt some distance away, just close enough to not have to shout too loud.
“Hail, noble Gnomes. I see the sun greets you.”
Pleasantries are exchanged, and they eventually get to the point.
“Our Augur has had a vision of someone in peril; we have come to render assistance. Have you seen a stranger wandering these parts, perhaps seeking refuge? We have orders to return with the unfortunate person to provide them with food and lodging.”

Cosima steps forward, and greets the soldiers. “No-one here is in peril or in need of lodgings… We have been traveling only a few days but have not come across anyone wanting refuge.”
A skeptical look is cast towards Cosima by the lead rider. He dismounts and straightens his livery. The stark blue of the uniform matches the morning sky. The pleasant smells of village life shake loose with every swish of the man’s hair; baking bread, cut flowers and country air. This is not a city man, but certainly has the bearing of a professional.

The Goblins begin getting close, the other mounted men and women readying their horses to intercept and leaving the man who introduces himself as Owen.
“It may not be a person seeking lodging…” He watches as the others ride off a ways, tapping lightly on the stiff leather cap under his arm. He turns back to Cosima and takes in a sharp breath. “But if you say you haven’t met anyone, then I shall take your word. A word of warning, however: the man we seek is not all they appear to be. Our augur gave us strict instruction on how to handle them. If you do happen upon a stranger in the wilds, do take care.” He gives a solid, steady bow, holding his right fist to his left shoulder as he does so. As he rises, he turns and holds the reigns of his horse. Giving it a gentle tap on the neck, he guides it at a walking pace towards the rest of his men a few hundred feet away.

The Goblins and the mounted soldiers look uneasy together, and while an air of civility remains, it is clear that after a short conversation they have not come to an agreement. The soldiers ride back and meet up with Owen, who kicks the ground lightly while he’s being briefed. He seems more interested in his foot than the briefing. When the person finishes, he looks up, nods in agreement and places his helmet firmly on his head again. Mounting, the group ride back to the Gnomes.
“I recommend moving on swiftly. It appears we have a neighbourly dispute occurring tomorrow, and you would do well to be safe from it. I can provide escort to our borders if you so wish.”

The rest of the group of Gnomes Cosima has been left with are mostly traders of baked goods and fabrics; they look to Cosima for guidance on the matter. Should they continue to Somergleam and try to talk to someone? Should they offer to help in the coming fight? Should they offer to negotiate a way out of the fight? Should they simply continue on, given that Somergleam appears to have its own issues at present?

What do you do?

Cosima +15XP



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