The Road to Hargijk

The Sinking Tower

Hexfang and Cragenak join Gemscale, Tubanen and Iresha at the side of the ravine, the ground rumbling gently as the tower sinks further and further, taking jagged sections of earth with it and creating huge crevices as the ground struggles to stretch.

For a few minutes, the Gnomes are able see to any minor scratches, bites, aches and pains you all have with their supplies, eventually Iresha suggests they move on, that the tower is no longer their concern and that the woman needs a few hours rest before she’ll be in any state to start giving answers. Until then, the Gnomes have a deadline they’d like to keep, and so they’d like to continue on to Hargijk.

The tower in the ravine continues to drive down, the stretching and breaking earth disconcerting to see.

What do you do?

Cragenak +0XP
Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP



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