The City of Hargijk pt. 4

Kobold Trouble

Inglak and Gemscale talk for a while, Inglak nervously pointing out a goat flock to the west when the topic of hunting comes up. But other than that instance, the young boy appears to be fairly open with Gemscale and seems willing to share a few stories and anecdotes about the area and the city before seeing Hexfang emerge from a street.

Cragenak and Hexfang wander up to Gemscale, Inglak looking pale at the sight. “I will attend to duties.” With that he nods and runs to Arngor’s building, peeking from behind the door as he closes it. The two share the Kobold issue with Gemscale, explaining about their raids on local farms to the north, near Giant country, and how it would help to Orcs to know this problem is dealt with. The sun rises higher and the city becomes a little more busy and noisy, Orcs moving to a fro.

What do you do?

Cragenak, the cost of drinks for your information-gathering/eavesdropping will be 5cp.

Cragenak +20XP
Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +20XP



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