The City of Hargijk pt. 3

Mirrored Affection

Cragenak leaves Hexfang in order to visit a nearby refreshments hall, see if he can pick up on any chatter that he may have missed since heading out to track the dragons seen to the north. As soon as he leaves, the Orc selling the mirrors and furniture changes his tone, watching the Half-Orc walk away. “Here… Take this.” Wrapped in a bundle of cloth and tied with string he presents you with a mirror the size of a large shield. It’s too large to fit in your satchel comfortably, although it can slide under some leather straps from your harness and sit well enough so long as you don’t jostle. Carrying something this size may turn out to be a bit of a challenge.

The mirror is offered with severe defference, the Orc bowing as he gives it and refusing to make eye contact. You see on the mantle behind him is a huge dragon tooth set on a wooden block. This man has certainly encountered your kind before.

Gemscale, after learning what he can from the woman in the carriage, and speaking to Arngor of the dangers the city may face, he is presented with a bracelet give by an Orc youth. Granite and Quartz in no real sequence or pattern, the bracelet stretching enough to fit around the wrist of a dragon. Despite Arngor’s apparent rudeness, it seems he has an abiding respect for dragonkind.

Cragenak overhears several conversations, some complaints about the kobold raiders to the north west picking at the farm resources, others musing on the strange hermit to the south that seems like a tiny giant, bashing at a large rock by the roadside for days with her bare fists. A small murmur about dragons in the city walls begins to circulate, along with boasts of what could be done with a dragon in service given the Giants heading up from the south.

Stammering in front of Gemscale, the young Orc gifting the bracelet shudders in awe of the great beast. “Thank you young one. Have you ever seen a friendly dragon before?” Shying away once he realises he’s staring into his large eyes, he manages a wobbly “Nn.. no. No, I have not.” The boy has a raspy, high voice like that of a rusty kettle on the boil, although he is speaking low and soft. He continues to share with Gemscale that dragons are often hunted by the older Orcs, rarely caught, but if they are they don’t make it into the city alive. From his point of view, dragons are near mythical beings that control the southern lands and simply patrol the north for leisure.

What do you do?

The Orc boy, Inglak, will stay and share more information if you choose to talk to him. He appears to have no other pressing duties, or is ignoring them to talk to a real dragon.

Cragenak +10XP
Hexfang +0XP
Gemscale +20XP



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