The City of Hargijk pt. 2

Gathering Information

Gemscale stays with Iresha and the young woman, who begins to come around and wake up for a few seconds, and then collapses back down again. Hexfang and Cragenak head down a street in search of a mirror for Hexfang; they do manage to find a merchant, his home also being his workshop, store and shop. While he does have a small assortment of mirrors, all in various sizes, he doesn’t seem to want to part with them without a trade.

Within the hour, the woman awakes and sits bolt upright, breathing heavily as though having just run a long way, and then whinces and nurses her side as she lies back down. Iresha pats her head with a small cloth and reassures her that she’s safe. She looks around and spots Gemscale. Unconcerned, she starts to ask questions but is quietened by Iresha. “I know you have a lot of questions, dear, but so do we. We’ll get to yours in a moment. This here master dragon wants to ask you a few things.” Iresha then looks to Gemscale, expectantly awaiting his questions.

Arngor, chief of the Orcs in Hagijk, steps outside of his building and takes a deep, considered breath, seemingly embracing the cool, bright day. Another Orc jogs over with a raven perched on his arm, a small piece of rolled parchment taken from the leg of the bird and read by Arngor, who nods without looking at the messenger as a dismissal. He then raises an eyebrow and looks towards the carriage. While it is covered, he cannot see Iresha or the woman right now.

What do you do?

Cragenak +0XP
Hexfang +0XP
Gemscale +50XP



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