Somergleam Stopoff pt. 3

Cosima leaps from the second story building, catching herself on a window box and spinning in the air as she flies towards the masked murderer. Laucian dodges to one side to avoid the seemingly gliding Gnome, and reaches with outstretched hand, grabbing the collar of the man.
“I meant stay put, you idiot!”
He pulls sharply and falls backwards into the stone, twisting his body and disappearing completely. The sound of grinding stone accompanies his disappearance, and the torn scrap of fabric from his cloak sits in Laucian’s fist.

The wall looks completely solid. It is currently unknown how the man escaped, or how to follow him. He did, however, leave behind the parting gift of his bloodied blade on the ground.

Fallo narrows his eyes shrewdly at the young halfling trying to fence the plain-looking dagger. “It’s only four coins for a bargain price, sir!” Her voice is shrill, like a wobbly songbird. He raises his eyebrow, making it clear that this half-finished offcut from a local blacksmith is not, under any circumstances, being mistaken for the lost blade of Gleambane. As she skulks away, tucking the metal bar under her cloak and pulling her hood up, an older looking human passes her by, flashing a few hand gestures and passing a small coinpurse.

Recognising the gestures, Fallo realised that this girl was not a mere charlatan, but is in fact in with the local guild. The reputation of the Cursed Children didn’t travel far, but the nearby villages on his travels here spoke of the nuisance that is the local Thieves Guild.

It seems the older gentleman noticed the flash of recognition in Fallo’s eyes, and he stands behind him, facing away, and speaks in a broken form of common.
“‘Ere to fetch a bucket, lad? Got’em five to a copse, no word of a lie.” He then turns his head to get the merest glimpse of Fallo’s face, to see if what he said registered at all.

It takes a moment to parse the local variant, but Fallo recognises that the man is asking if he’s wanting to meet any local members, and that it will cost him 5 copper pieces for the priviledge.

What do you do?

Cosima +15XP (70 Total XP)
Laucian +15XP (30 Total XP)
Fallo +0XP (0 Total XP)



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