Somergleam Stopoff pt. 2

Cosima and Laucian both leap into action and chase after the blade-wielding assassin. Laucian manages to dodge and weave through several dozen patrons before finding a pile of barrels off to one side. Skipping onto the first, he quickly scales the pile and reaches the top. Striding lightly, he manages to climb atop the crowd and jump from shoulder to shoulder of the crowd, using them to get to higher ground and head off the quarry. Below he can see Owen, the town guardsman, now trapped in the crowd and trying to negotiate his way through with his steed.

Glancing up as a shadow passes over, however, the Elfblood sees a small Gnome in black almost dancing from rooftop to rooftop, struggling to keep pace but finding the lack of crowds a boon. It appears the pair of them are both chasing down the accused.

As Cosima calls out to her potential ally, he ignores her and instead darts his eyes around, coldly calculating as much as he can.

He’s spent a few days here, and knows the streets well. Striding across a few more shoulders, much to the chagrin of the crowds below, he hitches onto the side of a building and hauls himself up and out of sight of the street below.

Cosima continues a few more steps, catching the eye of the assassin who dodges to the right and away from the throng of crowds, seemingly content that he has lost another pursuer.

Laucian then stands up straight at the edge of the building, opens his arms as falls backwards, dropping four stories. Almost by accident, he lands into a passing cart of straw that parts the crowd. Lying in it for a few seconds, he then rolls out of it and lands on his feet at the mouth of the dead-end alley.

Cosima sees she needs to get across the street, and is yet to notice that the strange Elfblood is back in the chase. Reaching the edge of the building, she hops back to get a run-up and leaps into the air! Soaring for a few feet, she then grabs a streamer that is billowing strongly in the wind from the corner of another building. Swinging from it, she kicks at the start of the arc up to give her the height needed to reach the other roof.

Releasing the streamer and taking a moment to move the hair from her eyes, she chooses to focus on chasing the assassin and to freak out later about the amazing feat she had just performed.

Laucian looks up and sees Cosima has arrived just in time. He calculated it all perfectly. He stand blocking the exit, and Cosima is covering the high ground. Despite his earlier ignoring of her, she factored heavily in his design.

The cloaked figure turns as he nears the far wall that blocks his progress. Cosima looks down, silhouetted against the bright sky, while Laucian examines the trapped masked man, watching for any sign of aggression or movement as well as getting a measure of the man. “You have nowhere to run to; we have you surrounded.” Laucian calmly explains, an edge of menace to his voice so his quarry doesn’t think to try anything. “Please, let’s try and settle this… Nicely.” He adds, taking a tentative step forward. Laucian notices the flash of intent in the man’s eyes, as though the threat doesn’t concern him. He shouts a word that isn’t understood, perhaps in an unknown language or arcane tongue, and steps into the wall behind him. He then laughs as he dashes away into the stone.

What do you do?

You can both make a single ranged attack before he disappears, with advantage (roll 1d20 twice, and chose the highest number to be your attack roll). Alternatively, you can choose to dash forwards to try and catch him before he disappears; make a Dexterity saving throw.

Cosima +15XP (55 Total XP)
Laucian +15XP (15 Total XP)



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