On the Road At Last pt. 5

Nix looks to each of her companions, takes a breath in and steps forward. She almost absently throws one hand into the air holding a strip of leather. It doesn’t bend as it should, instead being observed to stand upright. A slight breeze seems to tousle her hair as she starts at a low whisper; her annoyance at the situation causing her voice to rise as the wind does, making her verbal component herd clearly. “Shor-maegi!”

The wind dies down and the Gnome places her leather strap back in her pouch, the piece going limp as she lowers her arm. It is only when she slows and turns slightly to address the others that they can see a faint shimmer of something hovering in front of her. Catching the light from certain angles and disappearing just as quickly, there appears to be faint blue or gold streaks of something, like the sun is bouncing off armour that isn’t there. The shape of it looks to be of plate, and yet she moves unhindered. Theodore almost jealously touches his collar for a moment.
“Only way through is forward.” She motions to the others and sneaks toward the cave mouth, keeping her eye out for anything suspicious.

The rest follow quietly. Moving through the shadows of the cave and led by those that see better in the dark, the party finds the path descending. The heavy rain they moved through to get here having moved on, traces of water still trickle down the various natural channels that have formed.

Darrin awakes with a splutter, his hair wet and some muddy water in his mouth. Shaking his head, he finds that he is upside down and tied to a stone pillar. Below (Above?) him is a large pool of water from what he can tell. It’s near pitch-black in this cave. His Darkvision, however, affords him the ability to make out that he is in a flooded cave. Not much else is clear. He appears to be alone, there are carved stone walkways along the walls and a few holes and doorways leading to other places. Judging by the waterlines and the stone erosion, this cave floods and drains fairly often.

His hands bound together, he still has free movement of the fingers. It’s enough to disrupt usual casting. Concentrating on the precise movements especially hard, remembering the careful way Nix had taught him instead of the grander movements he’s used to, he whispers “A’seris”. Picturing in his mind a blade, he manages to summon a familiar knife and cuts through his bonds slowly and surely. It appears the ropes were poorly tied, however, and Darrin falls into the water. Now he’s free, he easily bobs to the surface, though. There appears to be no aquatic life in the pool, further cementing the idea in his head that this is a flood basin and not a permanent body of water. Noticing several possible exit tunnels both above and below the water, he follows the first he can reach above the water level, through winding tunnels and comes to a dead end. The other three above-water tunnels seem to do the same thing. And yet in two of these four tunnels, sounds can be heard echoing from an unseen source, like that of Goblins speaking in their garbled tongue.

He searches in the tunnel and finds a crevice big enough to squeeze through behind an outcropping. It’s a drop down, and he can see that there is a series of footholds in the wall below to aid in climbing back up. Nothing apart from rock can be seen from the angles Darrin can reach up here.

Talison hushes the party and asks them to lower down, as Theodore taps his arm to alert him to noise. The pair seem to have found camaraderie in their recent bout. Ahead, Talison can see what seems to be a pool of water flooding the tunnel ahead. The air feels chilly, and the water looks dark.

Using his new favourite spell, Darrin draws a smiling charicature on the rock above the crevice. He then lies flat on the floor and makes a door-slamming sound at the mouth of the hole, and waits… It’s not long before the sounds of Goblins gets closer. One seems to wander to the mouth of the crevice, shout up, and then poke his head up and looks around. They do not use a light source. Turning slowly, it peers into the gloom trying to find the source of the noise. It stops at Darrin, and wordlessly lowers its head back down. It appears the Elfblood has been spotted.

What do you do?

Darrin, roll for initiative (1d20 + your Dexterity modifier).

Talison +10XP
Nix +10XP
Darrin +15XP
Ero +10XP
Ezra +10XP
Adrik +5XP
Lorawyn +5XP
Theodore +10XP
Kain +5XP



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