Korath Discoveries pt. 11

Dividing Lines

Theodore, Adrik and Lorawyn meet back up in Korath and discuss their plans. Now the Myconids are back together, and they have left the potentially dangerous Uril Monolith area, there is nothing more to be gained from that ruin. Perhaps soon, if battle lines begin to be drawn, or if the need is felt to claim the Monolith for the Druid Order, the group may return. However, because of the flooding in the tunnels, it is next to impossible to get to, or leave, the Monolith chamber at Uril. Using it as a landing pad for easy transportation south will take some preparation and skill in order to circumvent, or repair, the tunnel system. Instead, the three Order initiates review their mission proposal: to travel south to Bersault-on-the-Sea and find some way to move a spirit on from this world. If they undertake this, and leave without any of the others, they are essentially stranding them to days of wagon rides, or weeks of walking. Theodore also recalls that Nix requested an audience with the Druid Order so that she might learn more about how she might activate the Monoliths. It is known, however, that such secrets are not to be shared with those outside of the Order. Such an act would mean expulsion from the order, and entreatment from the High Priests of the relevent Circle to remove ones connection to the Feyweave entirely.

Nix continues studying, spending the next eight hours painstakingly copying spells from various parchments in Gidye’s study. Between the need for neat and art-like application of the inks and oils to the pages of her spellbook, to the meditation-like trances that the mental excercises force her into, to the practice of making her magical essences take on the rudimentary shapes, for lack of a better term, of her newly learned spells.

Ero watches as Erik frogmarches Ezra out of the tavern. Flashing a glance at Darrin, the two follow to see what transpires. From their vantage point across the road between two other buildings, Talison and Geran see the gruff Dwarf escort the Tiefling towards the middle of the street. A nearby Dwarf that looks to be a patrolling guard is called over by Erik.

“This is a person of interest.” Erik introduces the Tiefling in his custody without any customary hail or greeting, not even a smile. Most Dwarves in Korath are more than happy to help each other, since they grew up together and know each other very well. Everyone pulls together, and minor disagreements are settled between those directly involved. Chriswin, the passing Dwarf pulled into this situation, finds Erik brash and condescending, much like a certain sergeant. “Under royal orders, we are to safeguard the secrecy of a guest within our borders. This young man has information that could endanger that guest of the crown.” Erik looks Ezra up and down, trying to get the measure of him, and looking as though he’s deciding something. Turning his back to Ezra, he confides in Chriswin’s ear. “I do not want bloodshed, but I do not want to fail the crown. Do you understand me? I want an escort of this Tiefling until such time as the royal guest is out of danger. Can you do this, soldier?”

Without waiting too long for an answer, although he does pull back and look Chriswin in the eye, a subtle nod and a knowing wrinkle at the corners of his eyes show the approval of a fatherly figure. Despite his rough introduction, it seems the Erik has emotions after all. He turns to Darrin and Ero. “This situation with your… escort will be resolved soon, correct?” He asks sternly, as though being firm about it will make it so. Talison and Geran cannot hear these more quiet enquiries of Erik’s, although they can clearly see that some sort of solution is being hammered out. Perhaps intervention, or inclusive negotiation, would reveal more.

What do you do?

Talison +5XP
Nix +20XP
Darrin +10XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +5XP
Ero +10XP
Theodore +10XP
Ezra +10XP
Chriswin +0XP



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