Korath Discoveries pt. 10

Timely Details

2:30am: Everyone begins to emerge from the tunnel into the city of Korath. The nearby inn of the Diadic Juniper calls to Darrin, Talison and Geran. They enter and retire.

2:45am: Theodore, Adrik and Lorawyn enter the Druid Grove, and begin to be debriefed by the Order.

3am: Nix, Ero, Jila and Gidye enter King Trillhelms hall. Within half an hour, a plan emerges and the King offers to help. Gidye is revealed to be the Queen of the city, and the royal couple have a disagreement on how to handle the politics of the situation that results in both leaving the room.

4am: Nix, Ero and Jila reach the Diadic Juniper and retire for the evening. Adrik, Lorawyn and Theodore finish their debrief with the Druid Order Elders and undertake the Walk in the Wilds.

5am: Lorawyn and Theodore emerge from their walk, and casually explore the grove while they wait for Adrik.

7am: Adrik leaves his Walk, and the wolf cub is now a young adult. It greets Theodore as a friend, but shows great deference and loyalty to Adrik, who looks more muscular, but also more feral. The team is briefed on another potential mission, and they accept it. Theodore mentions that he has to find Ero, first, and save the Myconid children. They agree to meet up later.
Ezra is accepted at the main gate, and the mountainside pathway looms ahead.

8am: Ezra reaches the main entrancehall to Korath. Armoured guards and statues are initially hard to tell apart. A central, huge statue of bronze dominates the hall. It depicts a Dwarf with a map in one hand and a halberd in the other. The large wooden doors behind it open to reveal the city proper, down below a series of stone and wooden walkways and lit by crystals connected by pipes.

10am: Nix awakens early, excited to learn more about the Monolith. Between her rest just before midnight, and the comfortable sleep this morning, she is raring to get started. She makes her way down the tunnel to Gidye’s study near the Monolith.

11am: Ero awakens to find Theodore waiting for him. The two head to the Monolith to return the Myconids. Darrin, Talison and Geran wake and head to the tavern section. Talison rushes off to speak to Nix.

12am: Theodore and Ero return the Myconids and return swiftly. Talison arrives and wishes to speak to Nix. They agree that fetching Geran to explain more about what he wanted the Monolith for would be beneficial for Nix’s research and for determining his motives. Talison heads back to the tavern.

1am: Ezra concludes the business he has in Korath, and decides to relax in a tavern for some refreshment. Finding a quiet tavern on the outskirts of the city, he finds the Diadic Juniper. Talison and Ero both return at the same time, and find themselves taken aback by the Tiefling that has entered the tavern. Geran is convinced that Ezra has recognised him, and might make an issue of his restraints. Talison pulls the trio out of the tavern, but Darrin returns to discuss the situation and make introductions. Geran supports this idea, as he would rather try to control the situation and ensure rumours of his capture don’t begin spreading uncontrollably.

What do you do?

Talison +15XP
Nix +15XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +15XP
Adrik +15XP
Ero +15XP
Theodore +15XP
Ezra +15XP



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