Hyxhuathil Briefing pt. 9

Gemscale laughs at Halfdan and says aloud “If that was an item I was searching for, I wouldn’t just let the man go… He would be telling me who he gave this gem too, when and where, and then he would be placed in jail or worse for his crimes.” Gemscale scoffs at the silliness of the scene and turns back to the kobolds. “Don’t be afraid of me I just want to know who burnt you like that, we might have a common enemy if I am correct in my assumptions.” The Kobolds stare at Gemscale, a little intimidated, and try to move away without saying a word.

Knives ensures the trader is securely bound, drags him to beside a wheel of the wagon and calls out to Halfdan. “My friend, if you have been wronged maybe we could help, at the very least let me know why I dirtied my claws?” his voice echoes against the rocky walls of the buildings and reach the pirate soundly. He simply continues walking away, raising his hand and then dropping it dismissively. Hyln watches the one armed man walk away and shakes his head. The world is full of strange folk, he thinks to himself.

Lorrias jogs after the one-armed man and begins pleading. “I have wronged and attacked you. I ask your forgiveness!” The man scowls through his long hair that falls in front of his face as he stomps on. “… In my defense you were a raging stranger in our midst. Let me make amends. What happened to you?”

Halfdan continues silently walking until he leaves the village, and begins a long, lonely trudge back the way he came.

The Stone Giants gather, and ask Kejermann for information. He clears up that he and Halfdan had a disagreement as to the ownership of an item, and that the item in question is no longer with him. There are no stolen goods here, and now that Halfdan has left, no claim to a crime. The Giants see that he has been attacked visciously, and escort him out of the village, too.

Tuhril walks up to HexFang and Aar on their rooftop. “This was not good. We Giants do not like disruption. I do not like disruption. This incident may draw attention. You should leave now. Move south, and head for the lake. Turn east and ride for Gorgek. In Gorgek you will meet Grolak. Grolak with help you. Grolak is a friend of Tuhril.”

With that, and all the supplies needed given to the group, they leave and begin walking south. Between the terrain and the size difference, the Giants did not have horses. The Orcs in Hargijk do, however… Does the group walk south to reach the lake on foot? Or do they divert southwest to Hargijk, and obtain mounts for the journey?

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +5XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +10XP
Hyln +10XP
Knives +10XP



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