Hyxhuathil Briefing pt. 8

The one-armed pirate stares at the Elven wizard and makes a crushing motion with his hand. The ice shrinks back, steaming up into the air and dissipating quickly. He then walks past. The Giants all stop and watch the scene made up of tiny people unfold before them.

“You are a thieving-”
“That’s slander!” Kejermann interrupts, being interrupted himself by spectral claws of white-hot anger piercing through his shoulder. “Argh, you bleeding son of a-”
“It’s less than you deserve, sneakthief! Thank you, Tabaxi. If I knew your name, I’d thank it in my nightly’s.” The pirate climbs aboard the wagon and begins to bind the hands of the Svirfneblin with rope. He then roots through the wagon and grabs the crystal. Elated, he holds it above his head and watches the light shine through it… his face falls as it turns quickly to sand and falls through his fingers.

Kejermann laughs aloud. “You followed me all the way here… and you didn’t intercept the gemstone already? Bwahahahahaha!” He struggles to maintain his footing as he laughs uncontrollably. The joke is lost on most everyone else.
“You… handed it off?” Halfdan snarls, leering over his shoulder at the bound man.
“Of course I did. I wouldn’t want to keep my hand on real hot merchandise for longer than I have to. Selling on the fakes for a few weeks while my reputation for having it does the rounds, however, that’s something worth the risk… and the wounds… heh.” He winces as Knives flexes his claws in the wound.

Halfdan roars, jumps down from the wagon and slowly marches out of the village.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +10XP
Hyln +10XP
Knives +15XP



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