Hyxhuathil Briefing pt. 3

Tuhril pays Hyln and Knives for their efforts, giving them each 20 gold coins in Giant currency. The 40 coins are the size of small shields and the thickness of same. Gemscale and Knives try to cut them down to a smaller size, but it looks like it’s going to take a while to do so. It then occurs to Aar that to a Giant, standard currency would be like sequins; impossible to handle and easy to lose.

The pair of scouts share thir findings with the group, describing how most agents of Gorbane are moving west, although between the unknown agent completing HexFang’s original mission to move the beholder south, and the party of Gnolls moving north through Hyln’s clan’s territories to hunt HexFang. With this, and Tuhril’s own advice, it seems clear that a wilderness trek to the south for a few days is best. Tuhril advises travelling to Death Lake, about a week’s travel, and from there heading east to the Orc city of Gorgek. It’s a mountainous city, and Tuhril has friends there. He provides details, but suggests that you find your own way from there; the more he knows, the more dangerous it becomes for the group should the worst happen.

He then leaves the room to stand outside in the cool sun. The group is left to arrange the last of their plans and leave when they wish.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +10XP
Hyln +10XP
Knives +10XP



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