Haunted Fishing Village pt. 8

Ouriana finally takes a seat, allowing her guard to drop a little. “I followed rumours.” She looks around the room, catching each person’s eye. She makes sure everyone hears her clearly, but speaks softly. “I came alone.” She then shakes her head, trying to get the images of the last hour out of her mind. “… Didn’t take me long to find the darkness, even in the night…”

Eri moves her hand to comfort Ouriana, but stops short when she realises it may make the woman jump while she’s caught in her thoughts this way. “I also came alone. I’ve been told of the ghosts and I came to investigate.” She turns back to Tel. “How much did you see from your hiding place on that roof?”

Tel shares that she saw the birds, and then assumed the fight was with ‘spirits’, but she seems to have no idea that they are specifically evil, instead expounding upon the idea that they must have been disturbed by the restless ghost. Eri avoids giving details of the Imps, not wanting to panic the only people in town willing to talk. She then asks for more details about the ghost and the supposed curse; are they seen and felt in the same places? Who has seen what, and when?

Arth and Tel each give different accounts, but between them share that the last few months have seen many unfortunate things occur, with sounds, moving objects and failed fishing trips chief among them. Over the last few weeks, things have gotten worse. Spectres have been seen at night, with the last few days seeing people chased from their homes by ghosts. Moaning and banging can be heard throughout the village as midnight approaches, and few dare to return to their own homes, instead choosing to huddle in the improvised tavern and sleep on the floor.
Everyone in the village is beyond exhausted, and they want sleep more than anything. The only person that has refused to join everyone in the tavern is Moira, the local crone. Her husband died around a year ago, and since then has secluded herself. She plays an important role as den mother to the village, but her absence has been felt.

Arth thanks Erimeyoma and Ouriana for their presence, and for saving Tel. He suggests that everyone sleep in this main room tonight together, for protection, and then in the morning he will travel to Somergleam and look for someone who might help reunite Tel with her family.
“If you came here because of the restless spirits or curse having befallen our community, then I plead with you to please, help us! We are simple folk and few of us have much in the way of magical ken.”

He then hunkers down for the night, wrapping himself in many blankets and humming a tune to himself. After some needling from Tel, who is yet to get off her stool, he agrees to sing the song he’s humming. It’s a lengthy number, mostly about fishing on the high seas and returning home to care for the village with a bounty of fish and pearls. A few verses pertain to a lover on the shore, but those verses seem to be without resolution and the story never concludes there.

The morning comes and little else happened in the evening. The wind howled and blew through small holes and gaps in the wooden hut, but the blankets, sweets and song helped stave off the chill. As the dawn breaks, Arth returns from outside, having left while everyone was still asleep, with salted muscles, glazed trout eyes, and stewed cabbage in bowl-like wooden cups. “A gift from the sea! Dig in.” He seems extremely happy to be playing host, and sits with a satisfied throaty growl as the smells waft throughout the house.

After breakfast, Arth plans to head to Somergleam, possibly with Tel in tow to get her out of the village. He does, however, ask for the input of the two warriors, as he has little experience of such things.

What do you do?

Feel free to share a Bard’s Tale during the evening. This can be a story your character makes up, or that they’ve heard, or a piece of backstory from your character. Feel free to embelish and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; any incongruities with the campaign world, like distances, place names, historical figures, etc. can be explained away by artistic license in service to telling a good story.

Erimeyoma +10XP (95 Total XP)
Ouriana +10XP (105 Total XP)



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