Haunted Fishing Village pt. 6

Eri’s eyes focus on the child, widening to appear as non-threatening as she can. “Come down; the imps are no longer a threat.” The child carefully scrambles to the edge and calls out, quietly but audibly.
“… Are they really gone?” her voice is trembling, terrified of the beasts no doubt. Ouriana reaches out a hand, palm face up and takes a step towards the child “Yes, will you come down and talk with us?”

The girl climbs down onto some boxes stacked against the side of the building, and jumps down from there. She’s wearing a simple calico dress, unsuitable for the oncoming weather, although the daytime was pleasant and warm, especially inland. She appears nervous, looking around at various rooftops and drawing attention to the various knocks and creaks as the wind begins to pick up again. She takes only two small steps away from the side of the building before staring at the windows of the house behind Ouriana and Erimeyoma. He face grows ashen and her mouth is agape. Trembling, she strains to let out any noise at all.

The windows shutters of the house bang once more. Do you turn around?

What do you do?

Erimeyoma +10XP
Ouriana +10XP



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