Citadel Delve pt. 19


Nix sees the paperwork in the room and pockets all she can, eager to get a look at some point soon. She covers over her satchel and draws it tight, ensuring that very little water damage can occur, and so she’d need to put less effort in later.

Lorawyn, followed by Simon and Jila, join Darrin and Nix up on the mezzanine. As Jila begins to suggest all lifting the door again, a splash can be heard from through the crack in the wall behind the tapestry. As the party rushes to investigate, just as they reach the end of the crevice they see Bennet, some clothing, a few weapons and a pack bundled in his arms, step out of the crack and into the huge cavern beyond, followed by another splash.

Simon rushes forward towards the light and begins breathing rapidly, clutching the side of the passage. “No! No, we are not diving in there! There must be another way…” Jila shakes his head at Simon, disappointed to be associated. It appears Adrik and Bennet have taken a dive and begun swimming down through the hole into the tunnel below.

Talison and Korik, in their dark and cold chamber, scatter about and look for anything useful to dry themselves out, build a small fire or some other useful thing. Checking around the room, the find that there are fifteen large cages, easily big enough to fit a human or two each, most of which have bars bent outwards, dry blood on some broken bars, and the occassional scrap of torn fabric soaked in stale blood. A combination of red and black moulds grow in the far right corner of the room, opposite a corridor leading out of the room in the far left corner. Some small, bright-red mushrooms grow out of a small patch of a sticky blackish-red goop in one of the cages, and there is a small puddle of fresh blood at the entry to the corridor. The room is cold enough that you can see your breath, and the stonework appears to be similar to that of the tunnel and the entrancehall, only seemingly more worn. The room is certainly not being used as per its original intention.

Before long, you hear a knock on the metal door…

What do you do?

Korik +10XP
Talison +20XP
Nix +20XP
Darrin +10XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +30XP



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