The Ride South pt. 10
Gravity Orb

As Gemscale grabs the woman holding the orb, the sphere itself grows dark, the lights fading quickly. The woman falls unconscious in Gemscale’s arms. Spreading his wings and getting ready to take flight again, he hears the sound of glass rapidly cooling, that not-quite-cracking sound, followed by the smell of cold oil coming from the orb. The orb then seems to shake the room, vibrating rapidly. Gemscale beats his wings and flies out of the roof, seeing Hexfang hovering in the air observing the orb from a distance. He can see that it’s magical, and is certainly causing the tremors, but without the ability to channel magical energies out of the orb he can see no way to stop it.

Cragenak reaches the base of the ravine, now having to crawl and struggle to keep on the ground, the feeling of being thrown upwards constantly fighting with his senses that he is on the ground. Looking up, he can see the dragons have reconvened in the air. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Cragenak is thrown from his fistfuls of grass and dirt that were tethering him, thrust up into the air and he begins to fall up the centre of the ravine; no grassy hill to break his fall, no gently rolling down: he is falling straight up the middle. Nothing but sky above. Tumbling round and round in the air, Cragenak begins to see the tower push further and deeper into the ground, the earth beginning to show signs of cracking and splitting under the strain. The orb, it seems, is pushing the tower into the earth.

What do you do?

Cragenak +10XP
Hexfang +20XP
Gemscale +50XP

Citadel Delve pt. 17
Water Problems

The room flooding more and more, the water rising above the waists of Korik and Simon, Jila’s words hang in the air as the group exchange glances swollen with emotions. Darrin, stepping back from the strengthening flood coming from the door, asks if Korik will join him, while Nix ducks under the door and slides out, the water pushing her along and she skids a little way, but keeps steady. Soaked from head to toe, like Lorawyn, but safe. For now. Darrin begins to ask again when there was no answer. “KORIK HAS PLAN, AND PLAN IS NOT TO OWE LIFE TO THIS CITY TRASH.” The gruff voice of the Bugbear came roaring through the metal, slightly muffled now that the sound had to go through the door and the gap beneath was now filled with flowing water. “TRUST KORIK, THIS IS ALL AS KORIK PLANS. GO NOW!” Darrin, Lorawyn and Nix rush to the rooms to the sides, seeing if there’s anything that can help their friends.

Korik then lays into Jila, shouting at him for trying to sacrifice himself. Talison nods in agreement for some of it, and whinces at the rest, as Korik has a verbose lexicon for motivational insults. Jila growls at Korik for a moment, and then his face drops, he shifts next to Korik and places a hand on his shoulder firmly, gripping it slightly as he pushes away under the door. A sign of respect to the larger goblinoids, few cityfolk have ever shown an understanding of it, not even among the street gangs that embrace his Korik’s kind.

Simon follows immediately after, leaving just Korik and Talison at the door. Korik stares bug-eyed at Talison, as if lost for the right curses to pair with his words for not doing under the door already! Talison returns a more contemplative look, then turns to look at the far side of the corridor, the room now plunged into pitch blackness. Talison cannot see the other side, but knows it’s there. That’s the way the Edhel’s went, across the room. Talison turns back to Korik. “Korik… How does spilling pompous elf blood sound to to you?” He waits for a moment, possibly for Korik’s face to change to one of glee, or at the very least not angry at Talison. “Follow me!” Talison grins as he leaps up and kicks on the door, propelling himself forwards in the water, swimming with all his might to the other side.

Korik held the door, and all have moved on. Once Korik drops the door, the entrancehall will still flood thanks to Darrin’s knife propped in the doorframe.

Adrik and Bennet in the crevice hear nothing of what’s going on below, but Bennet does hear something at the edge of his hearing. “Do you hear that, Adrik?” He waits for an answer he knows will not come. “… Is that… a giggle?” Soon Adrik hears it too, the tinkling giggle of a child, it sounds like, coming from the cavern ahead that Korik leapt into half a minute ago. As the two begin to look around for the source, the air suddenly gets warmer, and the smell of summer berries fills the air. Something, Bennet remarks, is amiss…

Nix, Darrin and Lorawyn all encounter similar rooms to those above in terms of size, although the backs of the rooms have many holes, cracks and crevices along with a soil floor, moist to the footpad and rife with worms. The area must receive heavy water from somewhere at sometimes, and yet it isn’t flooded. The walls are more roughly hewn from the natural stone, it seems, than the carved stone blocks seen so far in this place. The rooms smell wet, too. Nix and Lorawyn begin to really feel the cold as their clothes slowly dry. The rooms have no supplies, no furniture left in them, nothing to suggest a purpose.

What do you do?

Korik +40XP
Talison +30XP
Nix +30XP
Darrin +20XP
Lorawyn +20XP
Adrik +0XP

The Ride South pt. 9
Topsy Turvy Tower

Gemscale waits impatiently as he calls out to the woman in the room, and after a few seconds his eyes begin to dart around, looking for anything he can do. Without really registering what he saw, he ran from the room and, putting the tome in his jaws, began a full gallop into leave the tower. Charging at full speed, a fiery timber crashes from the roof down onto his back, but he shrugs it off: he has a task to complete, and no force of nature or architecture will stop him!

Cragenak and Hexfang, beginning to wonder about the Gold Dragon they encountered, wandered back over to the edge of the ravine once Tubanen and Iresha started a focused ‘discussion’ on the merits of silks vs cottons in everyday clothes. Looking down, they see the smoke beginning to billow out and spread outwards, instead of rising straight up. They also see a glint of something as the sun catches it…

Reaching the doorway, Gemscale dives into the sky and uses the momentum of being pulled upwards, spreading his wings wide and, once he has good clearance of the tower, flips over backwards and flies towards the roof. He spots a weakness, a hole that’s boarded with weathered wood. “Back up!” he roars through clenched jaw. Curling up into a ball, he crashes into the roof of the tower and tumbles onto the stone floor, the book falling out of his mouth.

Cragenak races to the edge of the ravine and almost tumbles backwards, the topsy-turvy gravity throwing his head into a state of dizzyness. Hunkering down on all fours, he shuffles to the edge and then pushes his body down into the ravine, grabbing clumps of grass and fistfulls of mud to drag himself “up” the hill. After a few seconds, the conflicting pulls no longer affect him, and as soon as he accepts that he’s heading up a hill, it’s no longer as hard. He stands and marches up the hill… granted, the top of the hill doubles back on itself and has a tower sticking out of it, and the sun is below him, but Cragenak still feels like he’s walking up a hill. Picking up the pace, he rushes towards the tower.

Gemscale lifts himself up and shakes himself, trying to rid his ears of the ringing. As his mild concussion subsides, he sees that he’s in what must have been an orrery at one point, although much of the mechanism has been stripped out. All that’s left is a large orb in the middle that is emanating light of many colours in beams that move and shift across the wall. Seemingly pushing this orb down to the floor is a woman, human in appearance, performing a handstand on the orb, gripping the sides of it firmly and straining to do so. She looks drained, like she hasn’t slept in days, nor eaten in about the same. She is tired, but determined; she seems unable to concentrate or distract herself long enough to talk to you, and seems unable or unwilling to let go.

What do you do?

Cragenak, you’re halfway down/up.

Cragenak +20XP
Hexfang +0XP
Gemscale +30XP

The Ride South pt. 8
The Small Staircase

As Hexfang and Cragenak continue talking with Tubanen and Iresha, Gemscale stands in the burning tower, mere minutes to spare before the building likely begins to fall apart. Upstairs in what appears to be the attic space there can be seen strange lights and the sound of a woman straining and applying her strength.

After Gemscale calls to her, he gets no response. He made it clear that she was in danger, but still no reply. Being unable to stretch his head to see, Gemscale has no idea what’s going on up there, but he has the tome and the unburnt parchment to look through when it’s safer.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Cragenak +0XP
Gemscale +30XP

Citadel Delve pt. 16
Time is of the essence

Talison, Nix and Jila all struggle to hold the heft of the door, Jila breathing hard, his recent revival still seeming to be taking a toll on his stamina. Hauling what is left of his strength from the dredges it lies in after all this time, Talison fails to stop a subdued growl escaping. Korik shouts from the edge of the steps as he half-runs, half-wades through the now knee-high water, the opening of the door not enough to stop the water rising, although a curl of rushing water is spraying out of the door opening into the Entrancehall.

He tells everyone to run to safety, to get through the door while he holds it. Grabbing the metal sheet with Talison and Jila, the water pressing down on them all and rising, Lorawyn dives under the door and rides the rush of water out the other side. With Nix, Talison, Jila and now Korik all lifting the door, the group manage to lift it to just above waist height, and Talison sees Darrin fight the current to place his knife in the door, stopping it from closing completely; that’ll help if the door ever gets dropped.

Adrik and Bennet, hearing only the roar of the water and the occassional drip of water within the crevice they are in, hold tight to the rope awaiting Korik’s 3-tug signal to pull.
“Do you think the treasure will be worth all of this hassle, Adrik?”

Jila looks around at the rising water, then at Talison. “Bugbear… Korik, was it?” He shouts over the water roar. He then turns his head to look at the door, but turns his attention and intent to Korik. “You’re strong. Very strong. But we both know someone needs to keep holding the door, and we’re all getting tired.” He sighs and tries to flex his arms a little as they strain to hold the door up with everyone else. Tensing back up and straining, he shifts his feet to get greater purchase. “Listen, this way may be the only way through, but you all need to go through and formulate a plan on how to catch up with those Edhel’s.” He turns back to Talison. “They can not reach the UnderGrove, do you hear me, mule? They must not get the treasure.” Glancing over to Nix, he continues. “My Lady, you very well may be the one most qualified to stake a claim to this treasure. My advice would be to get there first before that damned Geran places his mark upon it! Now go, all of you! I’ll swim up the hole when the room fills and get out that way. If the Bugbear can get in, I can get out! All of you, go, now!” With that he strains harder, arching his back and lifting the door onto his palms as they turn away from him, the door partly being lifted by his chest. The door is now 4 feet high.

What do you do?

The knife is in place to catch the door. Lorawyn and Darrin are in the Entrancehall. Nix, Talison, Jila and Korik are in the flooding corridor.

Adrik +10XP
Darrin +10XP
Nix +10XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Talison +20XP
Korik +20XP

Citadel Delve pt. 15
Deep Trouble

Lorawyn manages to flow with the water, reaching the top step just as the water begins to flow over it, quickly reaching past Jila and Talison, starting to wet the knee of Darrin as he gets up into a knelt position. Talison and Jila keep the door open, holding it 3 feet high now. Talison does feel his strength giving, however.

Nix, stepping over to the door to help Talison, thinks about the gemstone shard, trying to recall… In the Salty Bandit, Simon had given one to her, but she only recalls taking the money. While everyone else received a gemstone sliver, had Nix pocketed it without realising? As she thought about this, another idea popped into her head. As a member of the Order of the Monolith, Nix had access to some unique texts on the subject, including in-depth descriptions of some monoliths. Most are of an indeterminate crystalline material, but some are colourful blues, reds, or purples. Rarely a green one may be found, often guarded by ancient magics and the environment itself. The monoliths or any colour are used not only as a focal point of power, and as giant immovable spell books, but also as loci for large rituals, the monolith itself being used in the casting. Perhaps the shard is a piece of a monolith, and somehow it holds a part of that power. But does it have any connection to this place? Why are these shards here? As her mind ponders these questions, Nix can feel the gemstone’s magical aura, as though it recognised her thoughts and made itself more obvious to the magically inclined.

Darrin, noticing the water still rising, joins in the effort to lift the door with Nix, Talison and Jila; together, they seem to be able to hold it here for now.

Korik gives his instructions to Adrik and Bennet, tossing them one end of the rope and holding tightly to the other himself. Planning on diving down and helping the rest of the group, he strips naked so as to be unencumbered and leaps into the icy cold water below. Being pulled into the whirlpool, Korik falls down into the chamber below and dangles, holding onto the rope, in the heavy shower of the flood from above. The rope is at its limit. Between mouthfuls of water and the coughing and spluttering, unable to open his eyes due to the heavy waterfall, Korik manages to shout “MOVE! SMALL CITY FOLK HAVE NO TIME, LET KORIK HAVE DOOR!” As he finishes his statement, another mouthful of water gets accidentally swallowed.

What do you do?

Korik +60XP
Adrik +20XP
Darrin +10XP
Nix +30XP
Talison +20XP
Lorawyn +0XP

Korik, can you please give me a Strength (Athletics) check with disadvantage to keep a hold of the rope, which is a few feet above the water level at the moment, and being tossed about in the surging waters.
Also please give me a Constitution Saving Throw to resist the strain and damage from being effectively thrown at high speed from the whirlpool and then suddenly stopping with the rope.

Talison, your Strength checks have been roughly a turn ahead, so this failure will affect the next turn not this one.

Adrik and Lorawyn, you both sense the gemstone in Nix’s possession giving out a faint signal, and the gemstone slivers you have begin to echo this sentiment, followed some long seconds later by a deeper, larger feeling coming from the north, further underground and further into the citadel.

The Ride South pt. 7
Burning Desires

Cragenak and Hexfang commune on the edge of the ridge, sharing what they know of dragon-kind. The Half-Orc agrees to accompany the green dragon and help in any way he can, and head towards the carriage with Tubanen and Iresha resting up.

“Ah, sir Dragon. Back so soon? And who is your friend?” Tubanen climbs to his feet, still rubbing the occassional bruised bit of arm or torso.
Iresha slowly puts down her reading material, smiles at Cragenak and Hexfang, and then disappears into the carriage, the sound of clattering china and silverware coming from within.

The tower stands before Gemscale, claws digging into the ground, wings beating to keep him there. He can see the fire starting to flow through it, eating away at the materials within. If Dargyntad did attack this place, then why? What was in here? And why is everything so topsy-turvy? Before he can answer any of these questions, first he needs to know why this tower. Without regard to his own safety, Gemscale charges in. Humanoids died in this tower protecting the knowledge inside, and he was going to find out what it was.

Barging past the glowing timbers on the ground floor, Gemscale leaps upon the burning staircase and bounces from that to the remains of the first floor, dodging falling flecks of burning ash. Some remaining rats can be seen on the ground floor, starting to chew on the burning wood. The stone of the building standing strong, it also seems to protect; at the end of the first floor, to the left is a room mostly untouched by the fires so far. Inside sits a tome, nearly a man-hand thick, sat upon the only table in the room. The book is open, an inkwell and quill sat nearby. The ink is dry, most likely being written when whatever befell the tower happened. A loud creak and the collapse of the ceiling in the main section of the tower prompts swift action. Also in the room are some large sheets of parchment rolled up on a stone shelf at the back, and door next to the shelf. The door, however, is about a foot and a half wide, too narrow for a dragon to get through.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Cragenak +10XP
Gemscale +30XP

Citadel Delve pt. 14
The Churning Waters

Darrin quickly rolls to the ground, throwing his hand out and willing his hand to shoot a firebolt. It doesn’t work. Flat on the ground, he looks at his hand and swears in disbelief. Had his powers failed him?

Talison and Jila, ignoring the now floored sorcerer at their feet, hunker down and strain with the door, lifting it beyond the mere foot of clearance. The metal begins to grind against the stone walls, creating a screech that seems bent on rivalling the roar of water echoing now into the entrancehall as well as in the tunnel corridor. The arched ceiling seems to cave in a little more, although the falling torrent hides anything from clearly being seen near the hole in the roof, and while Simon’s light now holds steady, it’s still difficult to see clearly in the room.

Korik steps blithely forward to the end of the crevice in which he, Adrik and Bennet have been creeping, until he reaches the room beyond. The crevice tightens and narrows around his footing, coming to a point as he reaches the opening; the room beyond is not a room beyond. Korik sees a chamber, perhaps a hundred feet or so across on all sides, filled with water, the level being just a few feet from where he stands. There are no walkways, floors, platforms or handles. Instead, Korik is standing on the precipace of a watery abyss, a whirpool forming down below nearby, the rushing sound of water coming from this. Below must be the room where the others are trapped, and this cavern is where the water is coming from. From the looks of the cavern, there’s enough water here to flood the entire complex uncovered thus far and then some, the wetness of the parchments in the room behind him likely flooded by these same waters during heavier rainstorms when the cavern’s level rises. Without getting his feet wet, or braving clinging to the rough stone cavern walls, there is no way forward. Adrik, with his staff held in front of him, stands firm and sturdy. Bennet, behind him, leans over his shoulder. “So… is this Korik person going in to the room or is he rehearsing to be a door? Do you think that weird runestone you found can bribe him into moving?”

Darrin slaps his own hand, and throws it forward again, straining to stoke the glimmer of anger as his concern for his friends starts to quell that particular flame within. Nix, dragging her foot back and tossing an errant lock that fell in front of her brow to the side, breathes deeply, the out breath almost resembling a sigh as she makes a mental note of how close things just came. Rolling her shoulders and then taking up her position, she winds up her hand and throws it forward, the smattering of particulates she often feels between her fingers reminding her of the heat she is about to unleash, her mastery of the universal forces being ever apparent to herself as she conjures fire from the very air itself. Noting the dampness of the air, the pressure, the distractions, she mutters, less quietly than she initally wanted. “I hope this works!” She speaks the magic words she has memorised and feels the heat coalesce in her palm and throw itself outwards towards the now one-armed Skeleton that dared to get in her way; the fell thing flying backwards in many distinct parts as the flame dissipates around the spine, showing the forceful fire blast to have destroyed the thing. The bones fly beyond the top of the stairs, and fall down them as two more Skeletons make their presence known over the top step, clambering onto the landing as the water level rises up to just a few steps from the top.

Darrin sees the new Skeletons and feels a sudden swell of anger as he does, feeling as though despite the efforts of his friends, these foul creatures just KEEP… ON… COMING! Without being able to subdue the barbaric yawp, Darrin tensed his hand into a fist, his fingers ripping at the air as he did; the air before him seemed to catch fire and shoot outwards towards the new Skeletons, striking and making a booming noise at the same time, both Skeletons flying to either side of the room and smashing into pieces upon hitting the walls. Parts of the spines powderised upon impact, the force of their being thrown sending a minor ripple in the air that shifts everyone slightly. As the sound of the roaring water returns to consciousness after that incredibly loud display, Nix notices that the gemstone that had disappeared into her left hand and reappeared in her right. While normally the diamonds for her spell would remain, she knew not what this strange gifted sliver was, and the fact that it disappeared was odd. Had this been the source of the second thunderous clap, and had it thrown those two Skeletons to the walls? Darrin sees the destruction he has just wrought, and notices the shimmer in the air where the world tries to heal itself; he had just wrent the fabric of the world with his strike. He had destroyed those two Skeletons. Nix also notices the strange warping in the air before it disappears. Was that Darrin? Or the gemstone?

Lorawyn begins to swim towards the stairs, the water level now so high that there is no way she could reach the bottom and still breathe. Quickly glancing behind, she sees just below the water, on the ground, is the slowly advancing Skeleton she ran by before. It was looking up at her from within the churning mud-water, blade in hand.
Having had enough of the wet, and the cold, and the damned undead, Lorawyn ground her teeth and let out a small, controlled growl. She kept control, as her training taught her, but set out to destroy this mockery of life.
Raising her hands in the air above her for a moment, Lorawyn dives into the water, her legs thrusting her quickly to the Skeleton. Claws pointed forward, she swims directly into the Skeleton, picking it up from the floor and powerfully swimming back to the surface, its ribs in her hands. As she surfaces, she lets out a strong yell while ripping the Skeleton into two pieces, claws scratching away at the bone and weakening it enough to tear through. While not the strongest, Lorawyn knew how to take advantage of leverage and rotting bone. The thing was no more. After composing herself for a brief moment, she continues her swim towards her friends.

What do you do?

Talison +90 XP
Darrin +90 XP
Lorawyn +90 XP
Nix +90 XP
Korik +60 XP
Adrik +60 XP

The Ride South pt. 6
The Trinity

Cragenak quickly strings his bow and brings it to bear, nocking and drawing an arrow. In amongst the scales of the green dragon he can see small moving creatures, most likely rats given the shape. They must be bothering the dragon, he concludes, and he aims his arrow at one of them, tracking the great beast as it flies upwards. Loosing the arrow, Cragenak watches the dragon fly directly into its path, and hopefully the rats will stay in place.

Hexfang, however, has had enough. He swallows a mouthful of air and feels it sail down into his stomach, stirring up whatever natural processes contribute to his noxious gas attack that all his kin can produce. He feels a swelling in the sides of his neck, as humans might when ill, and he cranes his neck downwards to his chest. Squeezing his neck glands, he opens his mouth wide and exhales, simultaneously burping up the trapped air in his stomach for an extra push, while the poisonous vapour gushes out of the nodules in his cheeks. The gas, as he’s flying upwards, quickly flows over and between his scales and begins to settle, heading down towards the ground, the dragon himself pushing up and through the cloud he’s created.

The rats all drop off, quickly falling to their death, but not before one of them, still in the cloud, becomes impaled by an arrow, sturdy-shafted and made with blackened metal: an Orc design.

Gemscale, meanwhile, tumbles and dashes through the air in the ravine, combating the world pulling him in all directions. He manages to twist, throw and hurl himself around and into the ground several times, ridding himself of the rats still plaguing his scales. Now rid of them, he breathes a sigh of relief.

The fire appears to have taken hold inside the tower, beginning to burn any remaining books and parchments. While not all gone, they will be soon.

What do you do?

Hexfang: +30XP
Gemscale: +30XP
Cragenak: +10XP

Citadel Delve pt. 13
With your knees

Talison and Darrin both push on the door, lifting it up from the ground just as the water level begins to rise up another few steps, getting awfully close to the halfway point. Lorawyn, shaking her head to rid herself of the fog from her concussion, pushes past the Skeleton trying to swipe again at her with its weapon, and begins to raise onto her toes as she half-wades, half-swims, the water beginning to make it up to her chin.

The light from Simon’s staff moves around the room, making the shadows shift massively from moment to moment, making even him fairly disoriented. He swings it across the face of the Skeleton in front of him, a muted crack not getting very far as the rushing of water drowns it out. The Skeleton presses forward, forcing itself closer to Simon and bringing its head less than an inch from his, its jaw slowly hissing as it opens full. It swings the sword out, the rest of its body deathly still, and the arm comes crashing in to slice at Simon, but he brings the staff around and knocks the sword into a glancing strike, pushing the staff forward to push the skull back. He grasps his medallion and steps back, holding the shining staff up as almost a ward against the undead.

Nix, backing up near the door, staring at the Skeleton, fumbles around in her pack items shifting and clacking as the Skeleton gets closer. Lorawyn, almost unable to keep her feet on the ground now, lets herself float for a moment. She closes her eyes, breathes deeply through her nose and moves her soul to connect once again with the Feyweave. She can feel it stronger here, somehow. She asks for help, and hand in hand with it she forms a shape in her mind. Rising up slightly out of the water, Lorawyn then shoots down to the bottom with a ‘THOOM’, a huge wave of water emanating from her position and spreading quickly to the far reaches, smashing against the walls and stairs, knocking the Skeletons still in the water over. Leaping up and putting her head above the water again, Lorawyn breathes out her spell, the Feyweave acting according to her command. The water droplets on the walls and stairs quickly crystalise, snap off the stone and fly toward the Skeleton in front of Simon, crashing into its skull and spine with precision. The shards then shatter and scatter about a short ways, scratching its ribs and arms. Simon squints as a few of the shards get close, but thankfully he’d stepped back.

Nix was mostly ignoring the plight of another Skeleton while the one before her was bearing down and getting close, and not just to her but to Talison and Jila, who seemed to be making headway with the door. She had to do something, anything. Where was it? She put it- got it! As Nix grasps the cold shape in her hands, she begins quickly recanting the invocation she memorised this morning from her tome, never skipping a beat, hitting every syllable. She breathes quickly, forcing the words out of her mouth faster and faster, still clear and perfectly enunciated; they had to be for this to work. As she ends the incantation the Skeleton gets within a few feet. She coils her left hand into a ball, then opens it into a circle shape with her fingers closing the loop. Her verbal component finishes, her movements perfected as the Skeleton’s face moves towards hers, inches away, and hisses. “Oh, no you don’t!” she whispers through clenched teeth as she pulls her right hand out of her pack and pushes the small gemstone through the circle her left hand made, and as it passes through it seems to disappear, and out the other end shoots a small ball of compressed air, thundering out from her hand quick as an arrow. It strikes the spine of the Skeleton and thrusts it back several feet, and as it falls to the ground you see its left arm snap cleanly at the forearm. The thunderous sound of her spell briefly overshadowed the roar of the flooding chamber, hiding the sound of the door scraping upwards.

Talison now has his fingers under the door, having lifted it from half an inch to a solid foot above the ground. The door is heavy, however, and he’s not sure how long he can hold it. Jila stands by him, holding the door too. Darrin stands back and admires his role in lifting the door.

Korik, Adrik and Bennet, upon hearing the thunder boom nearby, edge ever forward, slower now as Korik prepares himself for danger, edging more and more into the tightening crevice. But lo, some light at the end, and Korik can see that the chamber ahead some 20 feet is a a large cavern, likely naturally formed, with an opening to the world above formed by a crack in the ground, roughly formed. The chamber holds the roaring sound of the water, likely its source, but he’s still too far back to see properly.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity bonus). What do you do?

There are four skeletons remaining. Two at the base of the nearby stairwell, one halfway to the middle of the room, and one that Nix blasted. The one in front of Simon, while still standing, is now inert and unmoving.


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