Citadel Delve pt. 14
The Churning Waters

Darrin quickly rolls to the ground, throwing his hand out and willing his hand to shoot a firebolt. It doesn’t work. Flat on the ground, he looks at his hand and swears in disbelief. Had his powers failed him?

Talison and Jila, ignoring the now floored sorcerer at their feet, hunker down and strain with the door, lifting it beyond the mere foot of clearance. The metal begins to grind against the stone walls, creating a screech that seems bent on rivalling the roar of water echoing now into the entrancehall as well as in the tunnel corridor. The arched ceiling seems to cave in a little more, although the falling torrent hides anything from clearly being seen near the hole in the roof, and while Simon’s light now holds steady, it’s still difficult to see clearly in the room.

Korik steps blithely forward to the end of the crevice in which he, Adrik and Bennet have been creeping, until he reaches the room beyond. The crevice tightens and narrows around his footing, coming to a point as he reaches the opening; the room beyond is not a room beyond. Korik sees a chamber, perhaps a hundred feet or so across on all sides, filled with water, the level being just a few feet from where he stands. There are no walkways, floors, platforms or handles. Instead, Korik is standing on the precipace of a watery abyss, a whirpool forming down below nearby, the rushing sound of water coming from this. Below must be the room where the others are trapped, and this cavern is where the water is coming from. From the looks of the cavern, there’s enough water here to flood the entire complex uncovered thus far and then some, the wetness of the parchments in the room behind him likely flooded by these same waters during heavier rainstorms when the cavern’s level rises. Without getting his feet wet, or braving clinging to the rough stone cavern walls, there is no way forward. Adrik, with his staff held in front of him, stands firm and sturdy. Bennet, behind him, leans over his shoulder. “So… is this Korik person going in to the room or is he rehearsing to be a door? Do you think that weird runestone you found can bribe him into moving?”

Darrin slaps his own hand, and throws it forward again, straining to stoke the glimmer of anger as his concern for his friends starts to quell that particular flame within. Nix, dragging her foot back and tossing an errant lock that fell in front of her brow to the side, breathes deeply, the out breath almost resembling a sigh as she makes a mental note of how close things just came. Rolling her shoulders and then taking up her position, she winds up her hand and throws it forward, the smattering of particulates she often feels between her fingers reminding her of the heat she is about to unleash, her mastery of the universal forces being ever apparent to herself as she conjures fire from the very air itself. Noting the dampness of the air, the pressure, the distractions, she mutters, less quietly than she initally wanted. “I hope this works!” She speaks the magic words she has memorised and feels the heat coalesce in her palm and throw itself outwards towards the now one-armed Skeleton that dared to get in her way; the fell thing flying backwards in many distinct parts as the flame dissipates around the spine, showing the forceful fire blast to have destroyed the thing. The bones fly beyond the top of the stairs, and fall down them as two more Skeletons make their presence known over the top step, clambering onto the landing as the water level rises up to just a few steps from the top.

Darrin sees the new Skeletons and feels a sudden swell of anger as he does, feeling as though despite the efforts of his friends, these foul creatures just KEEP… ON… COMING! Without being able to subdue the barbaric yawp, Darrin tensed his hand into a fist, his fingers ripping at the air as he did; the air before him seemed to catch fire and shoot outwards towards the new Skeletons, striking and making a booming noise at the same time, both Skeletons flying to either side of the room and smashing into pieces upon hitting the walls. Parts of the spines powderised upon impact, the force of their being thrown sending a minor ripple in the air that shifts everyone slightly. As the sound of the roaring water returns to consciousness after that incredibly loud display, Nix notices that the gemstone that had disappeared into her left hand and reappeared in her right. While normally the diamonds for her spell would remain, she knew not what this strange gifted sliver was, and the fact that it disappeared was odd. Had this been the source of the second thunderous clap, and had it thrown those two Skeletons to the walls? Darrin sees the destruction he has just wrought, and notices the shimmer in the air where the world tries to heal itself; he had just wrent the fabric of the world with his strike. He had destroyed those two Skeletons. Nix also notices the strange warping in the air before it disappears. Was that Darrin? Or the gemstone?

Lorawyn begins to swim towards the stairs, the water level now so high that there is no way she could reach the bottom and still breathe. Quickly glancing behind, she sees just below the water, on the ground, is the slowly advancing Skeleton she ran by before. It was looking up at her from within the churning mud-water, blade in hand.
Having had enough of the wet, and the cold, and the damned undead, Lorawyn ground her teeth and let out a small, controlled growl. She kept control, as her training taught her, but set out to destroy this mockery of life.
Raising her hands in the air above her for a moment, Lorawyn dives into the water, her legs thrusting her quickly to the Skeleton. Claws pointed forward, she swims directly into the Skeleton, picking it up from the floor and powerfully swimming back to the surface, its ribs in her hands. As she surfaces, she lets out a strong yell while ripping the Skeleton into two pieces, claws scratching away at the bone and weakening it enough to tear through. While not the strongest, Lorawyn knew how to take advantage of leverage and rotting bone. The thing was no more. After composing herself for a brief moment, she continues her swim towards her friends.

What do you do?

Talison +90 XP
Darrin +90 XP
Lorawyn +90 XP
Nix +90 XP
Korik +60 XP
Adrik +60 XP

The Ride South pt. 6
The Trinity

Cragenak quickly strings his bow and brings it to bear, nocking and drawing an arrow. In amongst the scales of the green dragon he can see small moving creatures, most likely rats given the shape. They must be bothering the dragon, he concludes, and he aims his arrow at one of them, tracking the great beast as it flies upwards. Loosing the arrow, Cragenak watches the dragon fly directly into its path, and hopefully the rats will stay in place.

Hexfang, however, has had enough. He swallows a mouthful of air and feels it sail down into his stomach, stirring up whatever natural processes contribute to his noxious gas attack that all his kin can produce. He feels a swelling in the sides of his neck, as humans might when ill, and he cranes his neck downwards to his chest. Squeezing his neck glands, he opens his mouth wide and exhales, simultaneously burping up the trapped air in his stomach for an extra push, while the poisonous vapour gushes out of the nodules in his cheeks. The gas, as he’s flying upwards, quickly flows over and between his scales and begins to settle, heading down towards the ground, the dragon himself pushing up and through the cloud he’s created.

The rats all drop off, quickly falling to their death, but not before one of them, still in the cloud, becomes impaled by an arrow, sturdy-shafted and made with blackened metal: an Orc design.

Gemscale, meanwhile, tumbles and dashes through the air in the ravine, combating the world pulling him in all directions. He manages to twist, throw and hurl himself around and into the ground several times, ridding himself of the rats still plaguing his scales. Now rid of them, he breathes a sigh of relief.

The fire appears to have taken hold inside the tower, beginning to burn any remaining books and parchments. While not all gone, they will be soon.

What do you do?

Hexfang: +30XP
Gemscale: +30XP
Cragenak: +10XP

Citadel Delve pt. 13
With your knees

Talison and Darrin both push on the door, lifting it up from the ground just as the water level begins to rise up another few steps, getting awfully close to the halfway point. Lorawyn, shaking her head to rid herself of the fog from her concussion, pushes past the Skeleton trying to swipe again at her with its weapon, and begins to raise onto her toes as she half-wades, half-swims, the water beginning to make it up to her chin.

The light from Simon’s staff moves around the room, making the shadows shift massively from moment to moment, making even him fairly disoriented. He swings it across the face of the Skeleton in front of him, a muted crack not getting very far as the rushing of water drowns it out. The Skeleton presses forward, forcing itself closer to Simon and bringing its head less than an inch from his, its jaw slowly hissing as it opens full. It swings the sword out, the rest of its body deathly still, and the arm comes crashing in to slice at Simon, but he brings the staff around and knocks the sword into a glancing strike, pushing the staff forward to push the skull back. He grasps his medallion and steps back, holding the shining staff up as almost a ward against the undead.

Nix, backing up near the door, staring at the Skeleton, fumbles around in her pack items shifting and clacking as the Skeleton gets closer. Lorawyn, almost unable to keep her feet on the ground now, lets herself float for a moment. She closes her eyes, breathes deeply through her nose and moves her soul to connect once again with the Feyweave. She can feel it stronger here, somehow. She asks for help, and hand in hand with it she forms a shape in her mind. Rising up slightly out of the water, Lorawyn then shoots down to the bottom with a ‘THOOM’, a huge wave of water emanating from her position and spreading quickly to the far reaches, smashing against the walls and stairs, knocking the Skeletons still in the water over. Leaping up and putting her head above the water again, Lorawyn breathes out her spell, the Feyweave acting according to her command. The water droplets on the walls and stairs quickly crystalise, snap off the stone and fly toward the Skeleton in front of Simon, crashing into its skull and spine with precision. The shards then shatter and scatter about a short ways, scratching its ribs and arms. Simon squints as a few of the shards get close, but thankfully he’d stepped back.

Nix was mostly ignoring the plight of another Skeleton while the one before her was bearing down and getting close, and not just to her but to Talison and Jila, who seemed to be making headway with the door. She had to do something, anything. Where was it? She put it- got it! As Nix grasps the cold shape in her hands, she begins quickly recanting the invocation she memorised this morning from her tome, never skipping a beat, hitting every syllable. She breathes quickly, forcing the words out of her mouth faster and faster, still clear and perfectly enunciated; they had to be for this to work. As she ends the incantation the Skeleton gets within a few feet. She coils her left hand into a ball, then opens it into a circle shape with her fingers closing the loop. Her verbal component finishes, her movements perfected as the Skeleton’s face moves towards hers, inches away, and hisses. “Oh, no you don’t!” she whispers through clenched teeth as she pulls her right hand out of her pack and pushes the small gemstone through the circle her left hand made, and as it passes through it seems to disappear, and out the other end shoots a small ball of compressed air, thundering out from her hand quick as an arrow. It strikes the spine of the Skeleton and thrusts it back several feet, and as it falls to the ground you see its left arm snap cleanly at the forearm. The thunderous sound of her spell briefly overshadowed the roar of the flooding chamber, hiding the sound of the door scraping upwards.

Talison now has his fingers under the door, having lifted it from half an inch to a solid foot above the ground. The door is heavy, however, and he’s not sure how long he can hold it. Jila stands by him, holding the door too. Darrin stands back and admires his role in lifting the door.

Korik, Adrik and Bennet, upon hearing the thunder boom nearby, edge ever forward, slower now as Korik prepares himself for danger, edging more and more into the tightening crevice. But lo, some light at the end, and Korik can see that the chamber ahead some 20 feet is a a large cavern, likely naturally formed, with an opening to the world above formed by a crack in the ground, roughly formed. The chamber holds the roaring sound of the water, likely its source, but he’s still too far back to see properly.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity bonus). What do you do?

There are four skeletons remaining. Two at the base of the nearby stairwell, one halfway to the middle of the room, and one that Nix blasted. The one in front of Simon, while still standing, is now inert and unmoving.

The Ride South pt. 5
The North/South Deride

Upon hearing the rumours, Cragenak strove out of Hargijk north, along the barrow road, past the huntlands and into Giant country. While he knew this was dangerous, he also knew the potential rewards. And so on he walked, driving himself through the crisply cool air whipping through the savanna. The smell of popberries fill the air, that soft, comforting and warm smell that reminds some southern traders of boiled potatoes; at least those that refuse to season, the damned southern simpletons. After breaking camp from the first night, Cragenak notices that the old Book Hold is gone. Not only gone, but completely gone. No rubble, no debris, nothing. Racing over, he notices a small carriage parked next to it, two Gnomes nearby. Finding a good few boulders to hide his approach, he moves closer still.

As the two dragons fly out of the tower being bitten and scratched by swarming rats, ash flying from their fur in a thin cloud resembling smoke, they are struck by the sudden flip in gravity, struggling to maintain a steady course. Gemscale leans to the side and pulls his tail up in order to bite one of the rats off, and he manages to clamp his jaws around one and pull at it, tearing its skin and releasing a viscous, lumpy liquid that likely once was blood. The small creature squeaks loudly as it is flung into the air and then grabbed in jaws again, this time being swalled whole. The flavour was bitter, sour and incredibly undercooked; most unpleasant. Whether through the distraction of the meal or the lack of aerodynamism brought on by bringing his tail up mid-flight, Gemscale quickly loses control and spirals towards the side of the ravine before catching himself.

Hexfang flies straight up, finding no bother with flying straight “down”, although the feeling in his guts doesn’t match the fact that he can see the clear blue sky, the cool sun glinting in one eye. His moment of appreciation for the beauty of the world around his stopped short as he reaches the summit of the ridge around the ravine; a rat bit through a scale. Not around it, not passed it, but through. There is now one scale on Hexfang’s rear left leg with a toothmark in it. The softer scales of young wyrmlings are often prone to scratches or marks. Rarely this. This is almost insulting.

Shooting out of the ravine ahead, Cragenak sees a large Green Dragon, smoke billowing from its scales, roaring and snapping away at unseen assailants. Smaller than you were expecting, but Dragons nonetheless.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity Bonus). What do you do?

Cragenak, if you succeed on a Perception check, DC 15, you can see the rats on Hexfang.

The Ride South pt. 4
Rats on a Dragon

Gemscale and Hexfang quickly dash out of the tower, clambering down the stairs and spreading their wings. Dash over the small carpet of rats, a few of them manage to latch on an begin biting at their scales. While unable to get through the tough hide, they do manage to make flight uncomfortable, and the sudden fear that perhaps they might get through strikes as both dragons take off out the doorway.

Hexfang, you take 3 HP of damage, Gemscale, you take 3 HP of damage. You both have rats clinging on to your legs and tails.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity Bonus). What do you do?

Given the distraction you’re both suffering from, please give me Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks to fly controllably. You’re at a disadvantage due to the topsy-turvy gravity in the area, which means you roll two d20’s and choose the lowest result, and that’s your roll.

Citadel Delve pt. 12
Wet Bones

Heavy sounds of water crashing from above into the room fill your ears, the echoing shouts and cries reverberating less and less with each passing second. It’s unclear how long you have until the room fills to the roof, but it’s not long.

Simon whispers into the end of his staff, and seems to encourage it to glow, brighter and brighter, as the water reaches the four steps higher. The staff lights up the room, casting deep shadows. As Simon raises his arm to his eyes to shield them from the splashing water, his face turns to horror as he sees the room; he can see five muddied skeletons, each moving inhumanly fast, heading towards Lorawyn and the party at the door.

Nix and Darrin, on opposite sides of the door, shout to people on their respective sides; Nix organising the lifting of the heavy metal door separating the party, Darrin chastising Korik for suggesting he search the crack in the wall instead of try and help his friends.
Talison, shaking off the sting from the cut on his leg, charges over to the metal door and braces between it and the floor, pushing with his legs to try and lift the smooth barrier. Jila, jutting his jaw and swearing in his most gutteral Elven, marches over to Talison and, locking eyes with him, also braces against the door, pushing up.

The skeletons seem to have designs on the living. Marching onward, one skeleton heads towards Lorawyn, who is still shaking off the effects of the masonry falling on her head. Staggering slightly as the water level rises to just below chest-height, the Skeleton lunges forward with its blade, but Lorawyn manages to gather her wits enough to kick her knee reflexively, catching the flat of the blade and knocking it aside. Two more Skeletons only just make it to the base of the steps, almost submerged save for their heads and shoulders as they hunch forward, but two more manage to work their way to the top of the steps, one looking ready to devour Simon, another gazing at Nix, its empty eyesockets made ever more dreadful by the long shadows formed by the light on Simon’s staff. A glob of mud drips from its jawbone and splashes into the water below.

Korik, leading Adrik and Bennet through the passage behind the tapestry, finds himself winding his way through the tight crawlspace slower than anticipated, the rough stonework and cramped quarters slowing egress. After thirty or so feet, while there appears to be no end visible, Korik can smell that the moisture is getting closer, and the further in he gets the louder the sound of rushing water, where before he could only hear small splashes. Adrik feels he is going in the right general direction for his order, and the crevice does seem to curve around to match near to where the others are trapped. If it keeps going the same way, you should end up on top of them soon.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity bonus). What do you do?

Talison, you’ve already made your strength roll and in the next round, provided you don’t abandon your action, you will be able to lift the door slightly. To get past this door trap, you’ll need to make two consecutive Strength (Athletics) checks, and then you’ll need to make one each round you hold the door up, and a final one for you to get under it without dropping it first.

Citadel Delve pt. 11
Tunnel of Terror

Nix, shouting back up to Korik on the mezzanine, coordinates a strategy; the four up above will quickly finish sweeping the room for anything useful, and then head down to join the others to chase down the Elves, in the meantime Jila, Talison and Lorawyn will wade towards the door and try to get it open. Simon and Nix stand, anxiously awaiting the recombining of the party.

Korik pads his way into the room, deftly avoiding bits of glass and broken wood. Skipping between clear patches of ground gracefully, he makes it to the middle of the room and then swivels, casting his gaze carefully over everything. He notes the cinnamon in the air, the sound of distant water droplets, the splashing of the others wading, and he feels the chill in the air, but moreso, the slight breeze. From behind… the tapestry gently moves, suggesting the breeze is coming from behind it. As the breeze picks up, Korik catches the fabric and, slowly peering behind it, sees a narrow, dark passageway, not three feet wide. The smell of rain and moss billows from within.

As Lorawyn and Talison pull ahead of Jila, they reach around halfway to the other side, struggling with each step in the gloopy mud, the odd stick or bit of debris catching their feet. As they stride forwards, the ground below them suddenly gives, slowly gliding down an inch or so, with a subsequent muted “click-clunk”, metal on chain and then a rolling sound. Without a moment to react, at either end of the corridor at the tops of the steps, in front of each doorway, a large metal sheet door drops and slams heavily to the ground. The shockwave rumbles the room again, as the door did, only this time the creak becomes a crack: the ceiling gives way in the middle and a chunk of masonry falls, followed by a deluge of water.

As the water level begins to rise, so too do strange forms; in the darkness, more humanoid shapes can be made out against the water. Something is in here with you…

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity Bonus). What do you do?

Lorawyn and Talison, please roll Dexterity saving throws to dodge the masonry. Lorawyn, you can impose disadvantage on your roll if you want to try and save the torch.

Situation: Nix, Simon, Jila, Lorawyn and Talison are trapped in a corridor quickly filling with water and there’s something in there with them. Korik, Darrin, Adrik and Bennet have discovered a small hidden passageway upstairs. Good luck.

The Ride South pt. 3
Fire Rats pt. 2

Hexfang leans forward, attempting to squeak like a rat for a moment, trying to appear as non-threatening as possible. The rat that began running away stops, turns and looks quizically at him.

A wave of other rats, some larger, some smaller, crash forth from beneath the table, small embers emanating from their nostrils as they scream high and shrill. Jumping in front of Hexfang, Gemscale spreads his wings full, hawks back his head and pulls up on his abdominals, forcing his breath to condense and push out forcefully. As he opens his maw wide, a small jet of liquid squirts from either side of his mouth, splashing together in an instant and breaking into a gout of hot dragon fire in the forced breath. The cone of fire burns hot and bright, ravaging the wooden floor below and setting fire to the support beams. The building creaks. As the floor directly affected crumbles to the lower level, the rats all appear to be unharmed, quickly scurrying towards the stairs and gnashing their terrible teeth at both dragons, an awful glint in their eyes…

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity Bonus). What do you do?

Citadel Delve pt. 10
The Itch

Darrin stares hard at the powder, holding out an empty flask of his, his brow furrowing into deep concentration, a bead of sweat forming and trickling down near his eyes. He can feel a roar deep within him, and the pump of blood in his veins booming in his ears, like great footsteps. Shaking the feeling, he breathes deeply, closes his eyes, and then opens them, exhaling long, and slow, moving his hand in a slow, gentle fashion. The parchment in the room flutters, some chips of wood and shards of glass scatter slightly and what seems to be a puff of wind gathers a clump of purple powder, lifting it into the air. Another breath in, and Darrin brings his own hand in towards his chest, slowly, and the powder, unsteadily, hovers towards the flask. As the powder begins sifting in, slowly, Darrin realises he has been holding his breath for a moment too long, and has he quickly tries to get the breath out and another in, he loses his concentration; the powder flies into the flask, shutting itself in and tries to toss itself aside, the roaring within him giving him a dull ache in his chest. Darrin quickly shakes his head and stamps his foot, squeezing his eyes shut and grasping the flask with both hands. After a moment, he releases his hands, knuckles white, and sighs.

Adrik, still looking around the room, notices this display but continues examining the shard of parchment Talison had given to him. Upon attempting to return it, he noticed that Talison was gone. Looking outside, he sees Talison and Jila jumping down over the stone mezzanine, past an amused-looking Korik, back to the floor below…

Nix, Lorawyn, Talison, Jila and Simon are all chasing the Edhel’s through the entrancehall and down the central stairs. Simon mutters under his breath “Snakes are all spine…”, but then opens his eyes wide in feigned innocence when Jila shoots him a look.

The Edhel’s do not stop, and keep running. After a good dozen or so feet, the stairs end in a wide corridor, the floor covered in water, perhaps three feet deep, and at the other end, maybe sixty or so feet, is another set of stairs heading up and a doorway at the other end. The Elves, upon reaching the other side, scarper around the doorway out of sight save for one, neither Geran nor Wudmirk. This Elf grabs the heavy wooden door and, with great effort, closes it with a slam. The room gives a slight creak, soon drowned out by the sound of quickly dripping water from the middle of the ceiling. This room must have been flooding for years, as the trickle is only slight, and the mouldy stone on the walls shows that the water level has remained fairly consistent, likely running out at the same rate as it’s falling in. The Edhel Elves, after running through this water, have disturbed what looks to be a significant amount of silt below, as the water looks brown and murky.

What do you do?

Currently, Nix, Lorawyn, Talison, Jila and Simon are at the middle of these stairs on the near side of the flooded corridor. Lorawyn is carrying a lit torch. Korik, Adrik, Bennet and Darrin are up on the Mezzanine level.

The Ride South pt. 2
Fire Rats

As the two dragons manouvre up the staircase, their large hefts causing the weakened wood the creak loudly, they suddenly smell fresh burning, and hear the skittering of small creatures on wood. Looking over the top step at the floor above, the dragons can see movement at the far end of the room near some tables, and a sudden shift to their left at the door to a room: it’s a rat.

The rat is on its hind legs, scratching at its nose with its front paws, when it stops and notices the two humongous reptilian monsters before it. It shakes its fur, releasing a small cloud of ash, and runs quickly towards the back of the room, towards the other movement. You can now hear loud squeaking, and the rumble of dozens of tiny footsteps rallying.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity Bonus). What do you do?

Just a note: last session, Tubanen, the Gnome, fell up the ravine and is now at the top. He is not with you currently.


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