Ouriana Fletcher

Albino Tiefling Folk Hero Ranger


The village Ouriana grew up in started having odd things happen, food got spoiled after being prepared a few hours ago, strange noises heard in lofts and attics, animals behaving oddly. It turns out to have been an Imp, a small devil creature trying to move the villagers away.

After facing the Imp and chasing it off, the village thought all was sorted, but it turns out the Imp was working for a Pit Fiend, a large, “Legend”-looking devil from deep below. This Pit Fiend wanted to break into the nearby cairn and destroy a magical artefact that can destroy Fiends. It belongs to one of the ancestors of her adoptive family, and purportedly only works with someone of their bloodline.

After days of omens, ill farm animals, sour tasting fruit, etc., the local sage warns of the Pit Fiend coming to attack the village and raid the cairn. Ouriana is one of the few that believe the sage, and she rallied the village to build up a rough defence. The village defends itself well, and the Pit Fiend sends waves of weak demons to distract the village while it goes straight to the cairn. Ouriana and her adoptive parents follow, and while she and her father distract and fight the Pit Fiend, her mother grabs the magical artefact. She gets attacked and is wounded, dropping the artefact. Ouriana’s father throws it to her, and somehow she’s able to use it. The Pit Fiend is banished for a short time.

With the threat gone, the village safe and her mother healing, Ouriana’s father sends the artefact away to another place (could be a monastary or nearby noble or royal that they trust) to save the village.

Ouriana Fletcher

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