Aar Bardino

Half-Elf Bard Entertainer


Full name: Aaron Lorenzo François Pablo Jeroen Bardino


Early life
Aaron “Aar” Bardino was born in the village of Silversnut located in the northern border of the human kingdom of Beodelia.

One day, a wood elf hunter named Aarlenbyran crossed the gates of the village severely wounded after a fight with a big brown bear. Taken by the fever, the elf ranted and raved through the streets for hours in front of the diffident eyes of the inhabitants before Onfreya Bardino, the most kind-hearted among the villagers, decided to host the hunter in her hut and try to save him from almost certain death.

After few months Aarlenbyran was able to recover and finally was able to return to his house in the forest. What nobody knew at that time is that this accidental event created the opportunity to teach a human that elves are not only wild savage hunters and to the elf that humans are not only greedy stupid animals. As a result, few months after Aarlenbyran’s departure, Onfreya gave birth to a baby half-elf in the village of Silversnut.

Aaron (whose name was the combination of his parent’s names) grew up in a safe environment and in the warm and tender love of a hyper protective mother who told him that his father was an adventurer travelling the world. Continuously questioned by the other kids about his father, as a self-protection mechanism, he started to create a lot of stories about the adventures his father had undergone. In the darker moments of his adolescence, this stories became his safety net keeping high his morale and his hope. Despite of her calm lifestyle, due to her poor health Onfreya aged quickly and at the age of 27, coming back home after his work in the tavern, Aaron found his mother dead on her bed. Not having any more bonds in Silversnut, he eventually decided to leave the village and to start a journey to find his father. After 2 years of experiencing a wild life in the forest, moving from one elf village to another to collect information about his father, he finally found him. A great sense of bewilderment caught the half-elf in discovering that rather than the hero of his story, his father was just a normal wood elf taking part to the activities of the hunting campaign of the villages. Disconcerted by this bitter discovery he decided to start his own journey and the first chapter of his first book: “Aar Bardino’s Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns” becoming himself the hero he would have loved his father had been.

Origin of the name
Aar Bardino decided to adopt the exotic names of the heroes who, in his fictional stories, accompanied his father on the adventures, respectively: Lorenzo the magic cook, François the tailor of the kings, Pablo the incorruptible paladin, Jeroen the smartest trader of the western routes.

Aar Bardino

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