To the Citadel of Uril pt. 2

Strangers Approach

Cosima stays at the edges of the gathered gnomes, greeting some with a smile, others with a wink, and accepting raised eyebrows from those with which she had joined in the previous nights festivities. Trying to get closer, but not close enough to be noticed by the elven prince, to perceive the situation happening before her, she sees a single noble Elf standing tall. His chisled features contrast sharply with the more natural, doughy shapes of some of the Gnomes nearby.

Still, the arrival of this tall (by Gnome standards) and important person is fairly suspicious. Arriving in a flash bound, having escaped capture. It all seems too hard to believe, too convenient perhaps. Why this field? Why now, right when the gnomes travel this way? A bit suspicious if she does think so herself.

Trying to get a measure of the man as two Gnomes step forward as King and Queen, he immediately turns reverent to the Gnome nobles. He seems sincere in most of what he says, although his excuses of wanting to travel alone fall a little flat. “It isn’t the place of royalty to be wandering the land alone, especially so recently after an encounter which leaves him bound.” The King and Queen introduce Cosima as their royal advisor. Geran, the Elven noble, looks Cosima up and down. He then looks her in the eye and strains a smile. He is evidently not taken by her attire.
“You not need be seen with we Gnomes. To ensure your safety during travel, you could stay inside one of the caravans! Else perhaps a smaller escort would be enough…”

The King and Queen turn to look at Geran, awaiting his response. His grimace turns to resignation. “It will be… and honour… to travel among you for a short time. Thank you for your hospitality.”

The evening progresses with many trying to involve Geran in evening festivities; after a hard day of travel, a hearty feast and night of song is what Gnomes crave. The Elf stays mostly to himself and refuses to answer too many questions. He does remain cordial throughout, however.

The morning comes and more oddities occur. One of the more restless among the group waits for others to awake. Cosima rises with the growing murmurs, and goes to find out what the focus of attention is that roused her from her slumbers. Approaching from a distance are two groups. From the south, and Somergleam, come some mounted soldiers. Five armed and armoured men and women.
From the west come a slower-approaching band. Goblins, perhaps a dozen or so of them.

Should the meeting of these two forces turn ugly, the sheer size of the Gnome force should at least give them pause. While they pose no threat, it is curious that they should both approach. The question arises as to whether these groups should be greeted, or if the caravan should pack up and leave. Geran, it seems, is indifferent on the matter. Tipsin suggests moving on; getting caught up in a local squabble is not in the interests of the mission. The ultimate resolution, it seems, is that the caravan will prepare to head off past the Goblins, while a small contingent of around five wagons will remain and handle the arising situation here; finding out what is happening in the local area, and if the Somergleam kingdom can perhaps be bartered with to be an ally in any potential coming conflict that would be of great benefit.

The five wagons that remain are chosen, and the rest continue their journey west. Passing by the Goblins, one dressed in a dirty and bedraggled robe raises his head to look beyond the lip of his hood at the wagon train. He has one dead eye of pure white, and both earlobes have been long since taken by damage. His group carries on walking east towards the five remaining Gnome wagons.

What do you do?

Is Cosima part of the group continuing west to the destination, or staying to learn more, and then move on to Somergleam to negotiate aid?

Cosima +10XP



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