To Gorgek

Knives’ face falls and he looks intently at his claws. He thought he was jumping in to serve justice, but the situation seems to have been dismissed. He turns to the others. “Hmm… What now?”
Hyln turns his whole massive body to Knives, watching his own foot as he absently kicks at the dirt a little. “Tuhril says we should leave now. I agree. This… uproar…” he struggles to find appropriate words, “.. Was not good. We should not spend further time here.”

Once on the road, Gemscales shares that he’s glad to be travelling again and away from prying eyes. HexFang remains silent for most of the journey. Knives broods over his actions, wondering if he in fact acted too rashly. He did apprehend an accused thief, who took violent action upon his accusation, but there was no satisfying end, no finality to the situation that vindicated the use of violence. This troubled the Tabaxi for some time.

Opting instead to head straight for Gorgek, the group travels south for eight days and nights before reaching Death Lake. Upon reaching the area, it is plain to see why the lake gets its name; around it lie the rotting carcasses of fish and plants. The smell is horrendous, and the sun seems brighter and warmer here. No trees or other plants seem to grow nearby, instead leaving the ground a dusty sand-like substance. It’s almost impossible to get close without gagging, and faint stains of dry vomit can be seen a few feet ahead.

The occassional dead body of a humanoid can be seen, and drag marks are all around show that this is a place people visit and either bring things or take them away. A pair of wagons parked close together, a few hundred feet away on the flat plane, play backdrop to a scene of two Orcs dragging the body of what looks like a Lizardman, although it could be a Dragonborn. They dump it amongst the rotting carcasses and return to their wagons.

In the middle of this mire of rot stands a man by the side of the lake itself. A series of spiked rocks jut out from the ground around the lake, like teeth around a maw. The man is tying rope around himself, and then the rock, and heavy sobbing can be heard.

Gorgek lies a few days to the east.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +5XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +5XP
Hyln +10XP
Knives +15XP



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