Somergleam Stopoff pt. 6

“To the alehouse, we go… Laucian, is it? You and I have a little to explain. I would much prefer to be doing it with ale or at least a fine wine than standing in this alleyway!” Cosima says to Laucian and Owen, and with out giving Laucian much of a choice she leads the men out of the alley, stopping to eye Fallo up and down. “You might as well come too! I can never have enough men to play with, and it sounds like this ale house will wet us all!!” She gestures for Owen to lead the way.

Laucian almost stumbles at the sudden turning around and he eyes the small gnomish woman slightly amused. “You do have a way with words, don’t you milady.”

Fallo gives a sweeping bow. “Why thank you for the invitation.” The group all walk toward the ale house, led by Cosima but directed by Owen.
“I’m Fallo Silverdale. I’m new to Somergleam, but never new to a good ale at a fine alehouse. This place is full of surprises; it seems I run into one around every corner. Say, none of you have heard of the Jungfruds or Young Fuds, or whatever the kids are calling themselves these days? A little bird whispered the name into my ear just the other day. Sounded interesting so I thought I might look into it.”

Before anyone could answer, the door of the ale house is reached. The inside smells strongly of pipe smoke and spilt stale ale, although the general atmosphere of the busy establishment is one of jovial merriment and pleasant conversation. Owen purchases a round as he pushes through the crowd and returns to the small table that was able to be obtained. As the four crowd around the table while sitting on stools that seem more suited to Halfling folk, given their steps, high seat and the low table, the conversation returns to that outside. “Jungfruds? What do you hear of them, friend?” Owen asks while sipping his ale.

What do you do?

Cosima +10XP (105 Total XP)
Laucian +10XP (65 Total XP)
Fallo +10XP (35 Total XP)



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