On the Road At Last pt. 9

Darrin looks back at the fight between the tiny Goblins and the tall and lithe Lizardmen, cracks his neck then his fingers and sighs to himself.“You’re right! I clearly should have seen the cave full of angry lizardmen a mile off! It’s textbook!”

Ero’s eyes sparkle slightly before he realises that his mettle not only stands between him and a release from the mortal coil but perhaps the lives of his compatriots might be impacted. “Let’s keep going!” Ero grimaces at Darrin as he scoops Nix up in his arms. “It’ll be great!” He tries to reassure himself. He hurls the gnome up to the next level before ushering Ezra and Darrin up behind her. “Get Nix out of here!” he shouts, bringing his shield down as he turns back to the hoard, hoping to buy time for the rest of the party.

Nix’s legs kick as she soars up through the crevice, and she is caught by Kain. The burly warrior lowers Nix down to the ground, her dress quickly brushed down and admired by the young girl that follows Kain around.

Darrin disagrees with Ero’s suggestion of keeping going down deeper into the cave past the warring factions. “Now, I might suggest that a staged retreat might lead to loss of life, compared to a full on flight. Run!”
“Most sensible thing you’ve said all day!” Ero concedes, a note of disappointment in his voice. Talison looks over to Theodore and watches as he presses the button at his collar. Like watching an ornate hand fan unfold, Talison admires the graceful expansion of the armour as the plates slide out from behind one another and cover more of Theodore’s body. The final plates slide into place, the gentle gliding scraping sound is almost musical as they do. “Ero, lets go a little further and then form a defensive line. They will weaken their numbers before they even get to us; there is no need for a self-sacrifice. Darrin, you got to see the room of gold right?”
“I’m desperately trying not to look!” The sorcerer whimpers, holding out his hand to help Ezra climb up the rough handholds. The Tiefling, however, seems to have other designs and is taken by what Talison proposes.

“No self-sacrifice was intended; I’m counting on you to haul me out of this hole when I turn around and follow up after you! Organise the stand there at the top of the hole. We’ll drive them back down till the edge is blood-slick and hard to climb, then work our way back slowly. Shields and spears at the ready!” Ero deftly kicks at one of the Goblin spears on the ground and snatches it from the air, pulling his own small round shield out and holding them ready.
“I like the sound of that!” Talison grins and nods at Theodore. “You standing with us?”
Before Theodore can answer, Ezra pulls alongside Ero and the Elfblood much to Darrin’s chagrin. “Have any of you got a plan of what you want to do?” Ezra asks as he pulls his bow out and quickly strings it.

Ero looks over the group assembled by him in the tunnel and quickly works through his mind what would work best. The low tunnel roof wouldn’t allow for much advantage to using a bow, nor for throwing the spears for that matter. “Ezra, lead the retreat.”
Ezra nods and clambers up the handholds and through the crevice, leaving Darrin looking somewhat frustrated but also relieved that it’s not just him heading immediately for the exit.
“Don’t get yourselves killed. [In Infernal] Just come back.” Ezra throws his voice back down into the tunnel as he reaches the top.

At the top of the crevice, Nix examines the unconscious and bound Goblins. She sees a familiar resemblance; possibly a relative of Grixt in some capacity. Their attire differs too much from being the same group that struck near the Hollow, however. Perhaps a northern relative.

Adrik sits at the front of the cave looking outside as he keeps watch and pets his wolf. The water at the base of the tunnel that the rest of the party went through looks as dark and foreboding as before. The sunlight and the light breeze punctuate the rainy day. The thought that this must be how Kaila feels crosses Adrik’s mind.

Darrin and Ezra join Nix, Kain and Lorawyn up at the top. Ero, Theodore and Talison stand abreast blocking the corridor at the base of the handholds by the crevice. Lorawyn quickly gets an update from Nix while she examines the bodies of the Goblin in their custody, and pokes her head down. Spotting the fight at the far end of the corridor, and seeing the three warriors lined up to cover the general retreat now that Darrin has been found and rescued, an idea finds its way out of her mouth and into Theodore’s ears. “Why don’t we just ignore them and go on our own way?”
“That could be an idea. Do you mean, sneak by, or sneak away though?” The plate-armoured man asks, turning his chest conspicuously as though unconsciously showing off his new armour.
“I’d say…sneak by.” She smiles.
“Where would we be sneaking to? The pile of gold over there?”
“I suppose? I mean, I’m tiny anyway…” She grins widely as she shifts into her feline form once again and drops down onto her paws silently.
“Yes, but me? Not so much.” Theodore gestures to himself, emphasising that he is tall and not especially stealthy in his current arrangement. “But I will go with you if you wish to go. Gold can always be used.”
Unable to reply, the cat-shaped Lorawyn points her tail and then skitters along towards the fighting followed closely by Theodore.

As they approach the combat raging before them, two Lizardmen fell a Goblin and then lock eyes on Theodore. It seems that for now, they’re ignoring the cat.

Adrik takes in a deep breath that one might suggest resembles a sigh. On the horizon ahead he sees a small group of horsemen heading east through the light rain. One of the stops and looks down to the cave Adrik is sat inside; has Adrik been spotted? Is this a problem?

Roll for Initiative (1d20 + your Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

For the purposes of this update, those in the upper tunnel can begin the round either at the crevice or halfway along the tunnel on their way out.

Talison +10XP ( Total XP)
Nix +10XP ( Total XP)
Darrin +10XP ( Total XP)
Ero +10XP ( Total XP)
Ezra +10XP ( Total XP)
Adrik +10XP ( Total XP)
Lorawyn +15XP ( Total XP)
Theodore +15XP ( Total XP)
Kain +5XP ( Total XP)



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