On the Road At Last pt. 7

Nix peers down into the crevice. “If we take too long, they will wake up. Tie them up if you must…” Her curiosity then begins to get the better of her as her feet and arms seem to take her down towards the goblins. “We really should be go…. Ero… what’s that?”
Nix looks over the sleeping goblins and down the lower tunnel, eyeing the room. “There’s a door down here?”
“Yes, it appears so.” Ero then notices the look some of his companions are giving the golden glow. “… But let’s get some answers before we dive headlong into trouble. The day is young. Let’s take these little chaps out for some fresh air and a chat.”

One of the Goblins is handed up through the crevice and is manacled, being watched over by Lorawyn, Kain, his young companion, Ero, and Darrin, Adrik having stayed at the mouth of the cave before the submerged section; he didn’t want to leave his wolf behind, nor compel it to swim somewhere it cannot see. Talison, Theodore, Ezra and Nix decide to carefully explore further down the tunnel to the door.

Upon getting closer to the door, the sounds of grunting and growling can be heard. Through the crack of the opened door, the gold can be plainly seen. It looks real, and sits merely a few dozen feet away. A king’s ransom in coins and jewelry, some of it recent but much of it stained and coated in dirt. It looks like a lot of the pile was excavated. To the right, another door can be seen being pushed closed by a handful of goblins and a larger beast, possibly a Bugbear. The other side of the door, however, is being hammered by a chittering, gnashing force of unknown number. The Bugbear looks terrified.

What do you do?

Talison +10XP ( Total XP)
Nix +10XP ( Total XP)
Darrin +10XP ( Total XP)
Ero +10XP ( Total XP)
Ezra +10XP ( Total XP)
Adrik +5XP ( Total XP)
Lorawyn +5XP ( Total XP)
Theodore +15XP ( Total XP)
Kain +5XP ( Total XP)



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