On the Road At Last pt. 12

Adrik holds his hand out of the cave, giving his companion a scratch behind their ear as he checks for rain. The sound of heavy rain had stopped, but the light patter from the sky remains. The wolf’s ears then prick up suddenly. Adrik turns and puts his hand to the hilt of his weapon, ready for anything.

Darrin gasps heavily for air as he breaches the surface of the water, his arms flailing at the sloping tunnel while he tries to gain purchase and climb out. The others are behind him, surfacing and climbing out of the murky pool. Once everyone reaches the mouth of the cave, Lorawyn and Theodore share with Adrik all that transpired within.

The party is covered in mud. Regardless, Nix and Theodore take their respective leads and urge the others to move on. As they approach the small town and the remaining few wagons that will take them south, Nix pulls Theodore aside to have a private conversation.
“Theodore. We may have to move our separate ways. My people are gathering at the Citadel. I have to be there for them. It has been an honour to travel with you. May we meet again soon, my friend.”
Theodore nods in agreement. “I understand. It was an honour traveling with you also. I too hope we meet again. May it be sooner than we both think.”
Nix turns to the others and speaks in a loud and clear voice. “Those headed to the Citadel, with me. The rest of you, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I hope we meet again sooner rather than later.”

Finding favourable weather for the travel, with the rainstorm moving north behind them, Nix, Talison, Darrin, Ero, Ezra and Kain, along with their Dwarven companions and the young girl travelling with the samurai warrior all manage to make good time. In around a week the group travels overland, making up the last days of their journey back to the Citadel of Uril. It approaches late afternoon of the 11th day since they left Korath, the hilly terrain and the brief Goblin distraction having lost them a few days. However, the hill representing the cresting remains of the former Jewel of the South appears on the horizon giving comfort to those growing weary of the long journey.

Meeting up with the assembled Dwarven carriages half a mile out, they share that they scouted a Gnome contingent at the far side. They have made contact and are currently working to the same goal of securing the area against further disruption, but the Dwarves have been cautious and wanted to wait for Nix to confirm that these Gnomes are the ones she contacted.

With hundreds of Dwarves on this side, and more Gnomes on the other, the Citadel is currently well protected. Gidye, emerging from one of the covered carriages and wearing the armour of a standard soldier, casts her helmet aside and walks up to the group as they gather and discuss their next move. “Details later.” She waves a hand dismissively at Simon as he opens his mouth to query her presence. “We’re here, and so is Garric Hollow. The latest intelligence suggests that a small force of Goblins are heading this way from the East, and a considerably larger force of Elves from the West. Shall we combine our forces with the Gnomes and try to arrange a unified strategy, or simply divide our forces and have our army march to meet the Goblins? Our secret base to the North can improve our garrison further if needed.”

What do you do?

The party has access to magical improvement during the journey south, thanks to Gidye secretly tagging along.

Talison +15XP (780 Total XP)
Nix +15XP (1135 Total XP)
Darrin +15XP (1105 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Ero +15XP (505 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Ezra +15XP (200 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Kain +5XP (55 Total XP)



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