On the Road At Last pt. 11

Nix continues towards the exit. “We can come back later. Kill a few on the way out if you must!”

Theodore counts 15 Lizardfolk trapped by vines with a few free-flailing arms showing that at least 2 more are trying to push by and over the trapped ones to make their way out. Plus 1 Bugbear, dead, and 4 Goblins, 2 of which are dead. Lorawyn stands smirking at the trapped reptilians for just a moment, before she yells: “Come on, Theodore, we need to get out of here!”

Theodore nods and finishes his calculations, making note of how dangerous the place is for future reference. Running back up the tunnel with Lorawyn, he keeps an eye out for any reptilians that make it up to them.

Speeding away, the party manages to make it back to the pool room. With the squawks, barks and roars echoing behind them, Kain suggests leaving altogether and perhaps returning to finish them off, provided they don’t kill themselves in the meantime. He then stops and notices the group. “… Where is the loud one?”
Ero jogs up behind everyone, a brief smile flashing over his face as people turn to notice him.

What do you do?

I’d like to keep the details of Ero’s “Spare the Dying” casting ambiguous for the sake of brevity.

Could everyone please note in their first response where they wish to travel to now. Your choices are:
Continue to the Citadel of Uril
Continue to Bersault-on-the-Sea
Travel to Somergleam
Travel to Lorestar and catch up with Jila
Travel to nearby Mirfield (Human Settlement)



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