Korath Discoveries pt. 9

New Arrivals

Lorawyn and Adrik sit and discuss things in the grove after Adrik’s extended 3 hours in the Walk. Emerging with a bushier beard, broader shoulders and a permanent furrow in his brow, the Dwarf flicks his wrist slightly and out from the underbrush pads a happy, healthy, but ever-ready looking wolf. No longer a mere cub, after 18 months the canine is a young adult, almost fully grown. It has healed completely, and appears completely loyal to Adrik.

The Elders in the Druid Circle inform them of the mission they told Theodore about, and that should they feel inclined to help him they can. A woman in Bersault-on-the-Sea is being haunted by her late husband, and the mission is to help the husband move on, as is naturally meant to happen.

Theodore and Ero head to the Korathi Monolith they came through initially to return the Myconid children immediately. On their way, they pass Talison who is returning to Korath. They reach the Monolith, Theodore presses his hands to the Monolith and tenses his abs as though trying to shunt his diaphragm through his chest. This crude, tiring shortcut is the way he was taught to channel the Feyweave. Crude, but effective. With no particular visible fanfare, the portal becomes active again. Pressing his hands forward, Theodore manages to enter the refreshing portal in the Monolith and emerge at the other side. Ero follows. Upon emerging, the small Myconids leap from Ero’s satchel and dash towards the only two other Myconids left. They all rush to the Monolith and go through a portal in another facet. Before the last adult leaves, they stop and turn, the familiar leather-stretching sound accompanying their movements. In their minds, Theodore and Ero get a thankful sensation, and they seem to just know, fully and completely without doubt, that they have reunited a family; they also know that they are now completely alone in the ancient ruin…

Back in the Diadic Juniper, Darrin and Glauphin, still disguised as Geran, sit and discuss briefly the party. One name that comes up is Adrik! Geran reveals that the small clay tiles that Adrik picked up a few times in the Citadel of Uril were magical artefacts that reduce fatigue and make one feel enervated. Geran suggests that getting their hands on one of those and using it would make his restraints more bearable without having to loosen them and present a risk to Darrin of having to explain things, plus it means Geran isn’t looking uncomfortable if a stranger was to pass by and make enquiries. Especially since, as Geran confirms, he is currently stuck the way he is.

As Talison approaches the solid oak door, he sees a stranger darken its doorway. Entering the tavern, a stranger with pale, grey skin and dark hair, highlighted by a glint of hardened black horn. His tail swishes behind him as the door closes. Pressing on, Talison opens the door and sees this stranger approach the bar. Despite hearing tales, he had never before met a Tiefling. Talison then notices Erik’s face. It drops quickly and his shifts slowly, seemingly ready to leap to his feet. It seems something is the matter. He looks to Darrin, and sees that it takes a moment, but he also takes note of the Tiefling and gets a flash of worry momentarily on him. Talison reasures himself that this can’t be prejudiced against this man; they’re not the type of people to hold to such backwater behaviours.

A moment comes and goes, as does another. The tension hangs in the air, and as Talison slowly makes his way towards Darrin and Geran, he realises why: this Tiefling recognises Geran, and while he’s sitting nonchalantly at the bar of the tavern, Geran whispers to his two Half-Elven captors: “This could be a problem…”

What do you do?

Nix, make an Intelligence (History) check with Advantage (Gidye and nearby materials give you the advantage).

Talison +15XP
Nix +15XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +15XP
Ero +15XP
Theodore +20XP
Ezrah +5XP



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