Korath Discoveries pt. 6

Sunderring Discussions

Gidye and Trillhelm have both stormed out of the feating hall, having broken into an argument over Gidye’s joining Nix’s journey to the Monolith in the south. Nix leaps to her feet and chases after Trillhelm, apologising and offering him a ledger from the Citadel of Uril. Gidye’s penchant for reading materials, and her research, would be appeased by such a gift. Trillhelm stares at the text for a while, then takes it, darting his eyes up to Nix’s for a flash. “… Thank you.” He then starts down the stairs after Gidye. Entering the hall again, she sees it is now empty apart from Jila, Erik, Bennet, Korik and Ero. Erik makes his excuses and leaves for the Inn that was offered as lodging.

Meanwhile, Theodore, Lorawyn and Adrik discuss their next move and settle on reporting to the Druid Order. Adrik knows of an accessway to the glade from the city, and so the trio set off along the same path Ero and company travelled along to get to Korath. Emerging from the tunnel after an hour, Adrik leads them through streets filled with chatter and people moving back and forth. Despite the early hour, it is still very active. After another mile and a half of wide streets and at least a hundred polite and friendly greetings, eventually they arrive at a small free-standing building in the middle of a street intersection. Near the edge of the city, this small home simply has a wooden door leading to a single room, the flor of which is the entrance to a descending tunnel path. Walking down, the lights of the city quickly vanish and instead personal lighting, or trust in Adrik’s vision in the dark, lead the team to the end. A short, 5-foot tall and wide round stone slab sits as a plug, the rest of the walls around having “Fires of the Earth stoke passions from the Flames” written around it in Druidic. Adrik has never opened this door on his own before, but the people he has seen open his tend to use their Feyweave connection to emit jets of flame from their hands and touch the stone, which then opens it.

Talison and Darrin interview Geran, now understood to be Glauphin, the Gold Dragon that is commanded by Glaurung, a terrible Dragon tauted by Glauphin to be cruel, capricious and dangerous. Seeking to overthrow him, Glauphin wants help to accomplish this. Seemingly remorseful, but too proud to admit it, he asks to be taken to the Inn for a good rest and so they can begin their journey. His plan is to rally nearby kingdoms that oppose Glaurung to help in their cause.

What do you do?

Talison +15XP
Nix +15XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +10XP
Ero +15XP
Theodore +10XP



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