Korath Discoveries pt. 4


As time begins to pass, Nix’s written message having been completed and handed to a passing Dwarven guard in a quilted armour doublet, the Half-Elf woman completes her study of the monolith and heads to Gidye’s study to meet Talison. She closes the door gently behind her, and then paces towards a stack of books almost purposefully before spinning on her heel, her hands wringing slightly. She is very uncomfortable. Eventually, she sits on a stool and clears her throat, composing herself and straightening a crinkly in her dress.
The woman identified herself as Daeseregruin, a member of the Order of the Monolith, which Talison recognises as Nix’s order, but it isn’t something he’s terribly aware of. He’s come across the term, but the order doesn’t hold sway in the circles he is used to being in.

Daeseregruin goes into how she identified Geran as a Gold Dragon, and muses on possible reasons for his being here. From the potential warfare over the monolith, to the greed for power, no explanation fits perfectly. She proposes trying to find more information, and she offers to perform some of that research if she can. She does point out that as far as she knows, there is no connection between Dragons and Monoliths in history. Regarding Geran’s lack of turning back into a Dragon, she fears the moment he does, but suggests keeping Geran in the tunnels or other small areas; if he’s a larger Dragon, he should be stifled by solid walls should they not be able to contain his true form.

Darrin sniggers at Geran’s offer of a reward, assuming this to be the disingenuous ploy of a Dragon. Darrin persists, and speaks quietly and privately to Darrin. The conversation intrigues Lorawyn, who transforms into a cat again while out of sight and sits closely, eavesdropping.

As Darrin and Geran’s conversation ends, Nix charges over, processing the information she has been given. Mouth agape, she slaps him across the face, pulling her strike before it connects to make it a lighter, more playful hit. She then feather-slaps his shoulder, struggling to hold in a chuckle and a smile. She sheepishly curses, and begins to rattle of questions such as why he’s pretending to be an Elf, why he hasn’t turned back, and others. As she’s talking, her face twitches and a frown, sneer, look of shock and an amused puzzlement all fight over her features. “I just slapped a Dragon. And teleported through a newly discovered monolith. But the Dragon was an Elven prince…” Nix stumbles back against the monolith and slides down to sit next to Geran for a moment.
She chuckles. “Well, oh great Dragon! I’m sorry for all that. No hard feelings. We will figure something out soon.” She raises her eyebrows apologetically and lets out a sigh. Almost like a lever being flipped, she then leaps up and runs out the door. “Hope you feel better Darrin! My dad always told me breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. That might help!”

Geran looks around, genuinely baffled. Jila leans in close as if to offer an explanation, and then pats him on the cheek with the back of his hand a couple of times, thinking better of it.

Gidye emerges from another room she had taken herself to while Talison and Daeseregruin talked. “I have spoken with one of the district Viceroys, and we have secured temporary lodging for you all. Since we have concluded our Monolith-centred activities, you’re free to use it to leave should you so desire, and be able to, butif you do, please… can I watch?” She hangs on the end of that question for slightly longer than comfortable, then continues as though nothing had happened. “If you do choose to stay, the Diadic Juniper is available with rooms, food and entertainment. The Order has firm connections with the owner.” She smiles warmly, turning at last to Theodore and Darrin. “I’ll be down here for the next day or so; you are free to join me in my study and peruse my library if you wish.”

Ero smiles wryly at Gidye while she’s talking, leaning casually against the wall, his backpack now beginning to gently shift as the contents begin to awaken…

What do you do?

Talison +15XP
Nix +10XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +5XP
Ero +10XP
Theodore +10XP



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