Korath Discoveries pt. 3

Messages and Maps

Gidye, Nix and Darrin head to the dwarven Knight’s study/bedroom to organise communiques. One to Nix’s Uncle Tipsin, another to her retainers and Kaila, and a copy of the Tipsin message to be passed on to another Gnome in the vicinity. Gidye suggests a Gnome trader in the city who will be operating from the barter quarter.

Almost immediately, due to the spell Gidye cast, Nix has her responses; Tipsin will make his way from Garric Hollow to the Citadel of Uril in 6 days. He will be alerting the family to this journey. Zook shares that they are all safe, and will wait for Nix. Gidye will write out Nix’s message and hand it to a guard patrol, suggesting that such guards that patrol near the Monolith are trustworthy.

Darrin checks out the maps he can see, while Theodore, Lorawyn and Adrik approach on Nix’s request. A brief discussion is had, where it is decided that so long as the Monolith is not abused and respect for it is kept, they know of no issues the Druid Order would have with Nix’s organisation attempting to control the situation around the new discovery.

Theodore casts his gaze upon some of the papers uncovered by Darrin as he starts rooting through the maps. There are loads of arcane writings, spell scrolls and treatises on magical theory. A few papers feel strange, as though they are imbued with magics. Theodore can identify 3 spell scrolls: Earth Tremor, Shield, Thunderwave
There are mixtures of maps; some accurate to what is known, some inaccurate. The inaccurate ones have notations all over, mostly corrections. There are several symbols on various parchments that are royal seals, others are guild symbols or translation matrices for unusual languages and ciphers. There appears to be some literature trying to connect the Monoliths to the Druid Order, but the quantity of them seems to suggest this is just theory. There are a few leatherbound collections labeled as critical deconstructions of the process of worship.

“I’d be happy to make my work available to you at a more convenient time, but I’m afraid I’m busy helping your friend…” Gidye is trying to be polite, but is obviously uncomfortable with Darrin and Theodore thumbing through her study papers without permission. The two look up at her sheepishly, apparently rapt in their rummaging that neither realised what they were doing until now.

“Hey, stop!” Talison calls to the Half-Elf woman. Jogging over to her, he lowers his voice. “Do you know this Elf?” He points to Geran.
“I… believe I was mistaken. Something felt off about your friend, but it was likely a reaction to his incarceration. Appearances… make a difference.” It is obvious to the Magolglir soldier that she isn’t being truthful, and that she’s intimidated by him. After assuring her that he is not a threat to her, she confides that she believes that the Geran in custody is not the real Prince Geran, and that he is in fact a Gold Dragon in disguise. She agrees to meet in half an hour to discuss more.

Darrin and Nix are made privvy to this information, to which Darrin is confused, thinking that perhaps Gold Dragon is a standard of rank of which he is unaware. He approaches Geran, offering food.
“If you are trying to placate me, it will not work. You would do well to find some way to release me, Elfblood. My people can reward you well, and between you and me… I don’t think this Nix Whimsy of House Garric can handle the fallout of being the girl who unlawfully kidnapped an Elven Prince.”
Jila and Simon overhear, and Simon leans in, a sneer on his face. “That girl overpowered you.” He stops as if to think of a good follow up. “And you’re a bad person.” Simon stands up, trying to recover from his lack of punchline. Bennet places a sympathetic hand on Simon’s, consoling him in a patronising way. Korik stifles a chuckle.

What do you do?

Talison +15XP
Nix +10XP
Darrin +10XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +10XP
Ero +5XP
Theodore +10XP



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