Kobold Hunt pt. 26

Egg Dash

Approaching the green Dragon pressing her weight against the creaking, thick wooden support post by the ramp to the roof, Gemscale begins questioning HexFang as he replaces her pack and gear on her person. Adamant to remove a pillar and take it through to the next room, she is left to that action as Gemscale instead returns to the beastiary, sniffing at the air to try and track down Taytay… Alas, the scent of feces, wet fur and burnt flesh are all that his nose can detect. He can plainly see where the others went, however, and can follow them.

Lorrias clambers to his feet and rushes over to the fallen Kobold priest, taking his by his collar and wrapping his arm around him, holding him by the neck while he stands behind and points the tip of his blade to the soft flesh of the priest’s throat. “STOP!”
The tall Kobold and Aar look between the crazed Elf and the eggs on the ground, and dash forward to grab the eggs. Throwing the priest aside, Lorrias grits his teeth and raises his eyebrows as he brandishes the tip of his blade at the absurdly proportioned Kobold. Holding his hands up and dropping the daggers in them, the Kobold scans the area and notices that the oddity of the situation has stunned the crowd into momentary disbelief and inaction, but it won’t last more than a few more seconds.
Looking back to the new Elf in front of him, and ignoring the sword pointed at him, he lowers his hands slightly and bends his knees, getting ready to grab the eggs and run. “If we are of the same mind” he moves his eyes to the ceiling and walls of the wooden indoor marketplace to emphasize his point “to escape this wretched place, you should come to.” With that, Zadkiel drops to his heels, grabs the eggs and leaps up again, Aar taking the chance to pick up the last one too. “It’s dangerous to go alone.” Zadkiel and Aar both turn and run past the Elf and his sword into the shocked crowd of Kobolds, further away from where they came from and towards another exit from the marketplace.
Lorrias spends barely a second to weigh up his options, opting to follow this strange Kobold; perhaps things are not as they appear, here.

What do you do?

Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +5XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +10XP
Lorrias +10XP



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