Kobold Hunt pt. 25

Market Tackle

Lorrias whinces at the spear strike, but flips around the guard and continues his chase of the egg-carrying priest. Kicking his feet as he lands from his flip, he launches into into a dive, arms outstretched, sword clutched firmly in hand. The extra thrust sends Lorrias forward and into the back of the Kobold, sending them both tumbling into a heap.

The egg-like shapes clatter with a rock-like sound against the stone floor, as though they were hollow. They don’t roll much, however, seeming incredibly heavy. The Kobold’s jaw slams into the ground, the top of the vial crunching between his teeth sending the broken glass bottle skidding across the floor.

Lorrias rolls onto his back, winded slightly but finding himself quickly recovering. Looking around, he sees what looks to be a strange, dark bazaar. With it being all indoors, there are no tarpaulins or sheets. Instead, low benches with stock on them appear to be left mostly unattended. Crowds of colourfully dressed Kobolds begin to gather, most of them purely confused. Lorrias also notes that this doesn’t look military; there are children here.

Aar and Zadkiel manage to work their way through the zig-agging corridors and into the market area, spying the robed Kobold and Elf collapsed on the floor. There are three stone oblate spheroids on the floor nearby along with a broken glass vial. If any looks are cast towards the pair, it is to compound the looks from the mess hall; confusion, trepidation, and concern.

As Gemscale leaves the pantry, bundles of gear collected and various bottle and tinctures packed, he moves to the corridor HexFang is in. Having previously enjoyed slashing at and jumping on Kobolds, it appears she is now indulging in pressing her weight against the thick wooden support beams for the ramp back up to the roof.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +10XP
Lorrias +15XP



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