Kobold Hunt pt. 24

Chasing Dreams

Aar quickly scans the room, noticing that the only other door in the room, at the far end, is too far away for another Kobold to have reached by now without them still seeing him. The only other exit is this corridor to the right that the Elf ran down, and where all the kobolds are looking. This must be the way the priest ran.
Turning to Zadkiel to see if he had come to the same conclusion, he spots the last moments of his lips moving, quietly incanting a spell. As Aar blinks, he sees Zadkiel, tall and dark, before his eyes close, and when he opens his eyes he sees a tall Kobold turn their head to him and nod.

It takes a split second for Aar to realise what Zadkiel had done. “Great idea!” he starts to exclaim in a low voice to avoid attention, before realising that he would not be able to mirror the trick. “I don’t know this spell…”
Turning his attention back to the task at hand, Zadkiel asks Aar if he could see their quarry. Aar suggests that they should pursue the Elf, and that they might be after the same goal. The two start racing towards the corridor, confusion and shouts of “Who giant?” in draconic greeting them from the crowd. It seems the kobolds are ignoring Aar for the most part, assuming that Zadkiel is a giant Kobold and must have a good reason for running with him.

HexFang’s rampage can be heard down the way, which brings Gemscale out of his slight daze. He had been so focused on freeing these animals that he hadn’t noticed that he’s now alone in this room. Jumping down from the bear cage and with a final contemplative look at the bolt lock, he decides to wander over to his shackles and look around. The humanoids had run off, presumably chasing down the priest. HexFang was seemingly having fun, her roars and the screams of Kobolds giving Gemscale no reason for concern there. Noticing the room off to the side again, he wanders in to have a look. He finds several packs, bags and flasks tossed about in the room along with lots of raw and jerkied meat, some of it beginning to mould over. Weapons and armour, some belonging to Aar and Zadkiel, along with some farming tools, lie strewn about with no care given to their accessibility or upkeep. It looks more like a larder that has been usurped as a storage room. Gemscale easily finds all of the equipment the party had and grabs it. Looking over the flasks, he begins to open a few and sniff their contents. Besides a few bottles of what he determines to be urine and alcohol, there are three cuboid bottles and one dodecahedronal flask. The flask is made of a purple glass, and the liquid inside looks thick and black. The smell is of vanilla and lavender, possibly an alchemical base or a potion of some kind. The bottles all are brown glass, and contain tinctures that vary in their newtonian properties. Besides the strong ethanol smell, they each have a hint of a citrus fruit, seemingly a different one per bottle. Only the lemon-like one seems familiar, and might be either a healing salve or a cleansing oil for spiritual rituals.

Dashing through the corridors as it twists this way and that, Lorrias manages to keep up with the priest. Seeing him stop at a few junctions and make changes to his direction based on how crowded a path is, the wizard manages to catch up some ways and is now only about eight feet away. The two charge at full speed down corridors, through rooms and into what seems to be an indoor marketplace. As he runs as fast as he can, unfortunately he misses a guard in the market square that tries to slash at him with a spear. The near-hit rattles Lorrias somewhat, almost draining his resolve.

Roll for initiative (1d20 + Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Lorrias takes 3 Hit Points of damage from the spear attack.

Lorrias can make a Strength (Athletics) check in order to close the gap and catch the kobold. If not, you can keep chasing for a bitlonger

Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +10XP
Lorrias +15XP



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