Kobold Hunt pt. 22

Egg and Spoon

Bardino and Zadkiel see the small bird lizards leap out and attack Gemscale, thrusting their heads forward and trying to peck him. Seeing another creature venture from the cage and turn to look at them, they turn on their heels and run headlong into the corridor nearby, deciding to chase down the priest while also escaping the danger they know the Dragon has just got himself into. Racing along, Zadkiel sees a Kobold leave a side corridor into the main thoroughfare that he and the other bard are running down; he places his hand in front of him and uses it to push down the Kobold’s head, vaulting over the top of it and continuing running. The two see the corridor turn sharply to the right, passing several smaller room doorways and side passages and following the larger passageway. Turning, they see the corridor zig-zags and ends in a set of double doors, the ceiling beginning to lower until is reaches the top of the doorway at just over five feet from the floor.

Gemscale tussles with the bird-lizard creature, its scales rubbing against his own creating a hormonic reinforcement of the beast’s own screeching. The smell of guano accompanies the thing, filling the Dragon’s nostrils and distracting him slightly. Grabbing it in his claws, he throws the beast back into the cage and sweeps his arm across to grab the door and swing it closed. Fumbling with the locking bolt, the creature leans through the bars and scrapes at Gemscale’s talon with its beak. The strike surprises the gold Dragon, forcing him to retreat quickly. Thankfully, the bolt is back in place. Unfortunately, the scrape rattles his scales and now tingles most uncomfortably. Seething, he restrains his curses.

HexFang, unaware of the the plight befalling his golden compatriot, charges angrily at two Kobolds hiding behind a corner nearby, dragging one of them out with her jaws and tossing him into the air. Grabbing the frightened creature by the ankle with her claws, HexFang then swings the Kobold horizontally into the other Kobold, smashing them both against the wall. Both of them now knocked out, she turns with a growl to the others she can see trying to hide, their spears pointed at her as though trying to keep the immense magnitude of her presence at bay.

Lorrias takes advantage of the distraction, stepping into the mess hall and moving among the Kobolds there, dashing quickly to the middle of the room in order to get a closer look at this creature and the orbs bundled in his arms. Although they are not clear exactly what they are, they seem important. Given the audience he’s illiciting, he’s either someone important like this Taytay he’s heard of, or perhaps simply a lower standing of Kobold carrying something they shouldn’t. Either way, Lorrias sees his presence is not only noticed, but seems to be drawing attention away from the robed Kobold. Almost dropping one of the egg-like spheroids, the short man stares at you, mouth agape, and turns sharply to run out of the hall down one of the side passages. The room appears to be uncertain how to react, some Kobolds standing to ready themselves aggressively, others skulking back. Either way, a fight would be costly; there are over two hundred Kobolds here.

Roll for initiative (1d20 + Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Gemscale takes 3 Hit Points of damage and needs to make a Constitution saving throw.

Hexfang +15XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +10XP
Lorrias +10XP



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