Kobold Hunt pt. 21

Unusual Escape

Lorrias follows the corridor further; if he is to be attacked for trespassing, standing in the same place isn’t a good strategy. Pressing on, he moves towards the sounds of more energetic and furious yapping. As he nears and follows the turns of the tunnels, he begins to make out some of the words being barked in this gutteral draconic. “… ritual finished, what of Taytay?”, “… rise of super chief…”, and “Jumjik capture Dragons? Jumjik not catch cold!” are among the phrases heard. It is clear that Taytay is a name holding great respect by those speaking it, while Jumjik, while definately a name, appears to be someone of lower standing in this group. The fact they appear to have captured Dragons recently seems to come as great surprise to the speakers.

After another minute of stalking through corridors, the occasional Kobold pausing before scurrying away shouting for reinforcements, Lorrias finds the source of the great yapping: a mess hall. The corridor ends abruptly at a turn on a blind corner, opening up into a masively long room with perhaps a hundred or so small tables and stools, at least double that number sat and stood around them, with a strange grey mush held in many Kobold hands. It appears to be their food. Despite the calls for reinforcements, it seems the din of the room has made it impossible for news to have reached them in here yet.

Crouching by the corner of the tunnel just before it enters the room, Lorrias considers his next move as, at the other end of the mess hall, a strangely robed Kobold with a stone-like headress charges into the room struggling with a stone stoppered vial in his mouth and three oblate spheroids about the size of melons bundled in his arms. Most of the room reacts to this one, many standing and a few moving towards this rushing, frantic figure trying to ask questions.

Looking around themselves in the beast hold, the two bards note their apparent nakedness. While left with their basic clothes, all arms and armour have been stripped from them. Zadkiel doesn’t hesitate to grab two daggers from the fallen Kobolds at his feet. Looking around, it seems there’s some sort of specialised room off to one side, a store room on the other side, and three corridors leading from this room.

Gemscale checks the still-warm bodies of the dead Kobolds to ensure their demise. “Let’s get that chest open for I’m sure it holds our gear… next we should increase the confusion by releasing the beasts. Did anyone hear anything about where the dragon eggs are being kept? I’m ready and willing to fight my way out of here, but not until we find those eggs!” Moving to the chest, he sees instead that three heavy objects have been removed from the unlocked chest, the evidence for which are the three egg-shaped indentations in the straw at the bottom of the chest. No equipment, and no eggs.

Gemscale looks around, a panic fading from his face as determination begins to set in. “I’m going to release the beasts to help cause even more confusion so watch yourselves for who knows how rabid or hungry these animals are….” with that, he moves to the cages with squawking animals. Aar is already there, trying to sneak a peak under the tarp covering them. They remove it to reveal strange, huge birds.

Amongst the bears, riding wolves, badgers and goats in the various cages in the large menagerie room, up against one wall are a line of seven cages, each holding three strange birds roughly the same size as a Kobold. Looking like a cross between a chicken and a lizard, the birds have forked tongues, serrated beaks, cold black beady eyes and scales mixed amongst the feathers all over their bodies. Their wings, instead of being feathered, a huge folded leathery sails with what look like porcupine spines on the ends. Their snake-like tails swish violently from side to side as they squawk, shriek and jump around in their cages, trying desperately to escape.

HexFang peers into the wider corridor they were brought down hours ago, noticing the few armed Kobolds still daring to be near hiding behind corners and in rooms. With a glower in her eye, she keeps staring at one of the Kobolds while she address Gemscale and the others. “Here’re the priorities: You three find the eggs, find Potuk, to a lesser extent, and get the hell out of here. Momma needs to go blow off some steam…” And with that, she snakes down the wide corridor, screams and yaps serving as a warning amongst the Kobolds that HexFang is on the prowl.

Gemscale, Aar and Zadkiel look at the cages, then at each other, trying to determine their next best course of action. “Hey, we should follow that priest… he went down the corridor across from this chest…” Gemscale trails off, looking at the beasts in cages again. Despite their ferocious look, HexFang might have the right idea. Letting the creatures loose might not just be a good thing to do for them, but they might also provide a good distraction. Lifting the locking bars on the bird cages, he sets loose the first set of lizard-birds. “You’re free! Go, kill the kobolds and earn your freedom.”
Immediately, they leap out and peck at Gemscale, attacking him.

Roll for initiative (1d20 + Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

HexFang, you have 5 Kobolds you can see, all behind corners. Two of them are within 15 feet. The rest are 30 feet away.

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +15XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +15XP



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