Kobold Hunt pt. 20


Lorrias waits, back against the wall, until an opening in the traffic appears. Seizing the next one to come along, he pushes off and heads to the left. This corridor winds this way and that, having only right-angles to the turns when it comes to ground level turns, but some upward-sloping shafts seem to enter the corridor at odd angles. After only a few turns into his escapade, he is confronted by a kobold directly ahead who has spotted him, standing mouth agape and a shocked look in his eyes. Keeping his wits sharp, Lorrias quickly tries to calm the man before him. “No fight! Want to talk! Leader!”

Before he can even finish, the creature bolts back the way he came, scrabbling up one of the shafts and barking profusely. “Intruder! Giant in store tunnel! Save Minook!” The draconic tongue sounds almost gutteral in their use, a stark contrast to the more high brow accent Lorrias’ teacher used. Linguistics aside, it seems he is no longer going to be alone in this corridor for long. Quickly scanning his surroundings, Lorrias counts two doorways in the left wall, a room just a little behind him and a tunnel ahead. In the right wall, a tunnel heading up at an odd angle, ending in a trap door. The dim glimmers of sunlight somehow getting through into the corridors seem enough to navigate by for now.

In the beastiary, Gemscale roars angrily at the remaining Kobolds. Falling forward to stand on all fours again, he swings his tail hard, using the chain still attached to whip at the survivors of his fire assault. The scorching hot air feels comforting to him, as does the clink of chain. The hook on the end of the chain catches in one of the hooks holding HexFang down, but doesn’t stop because she hauls herself up at the same time, loosening the hook from the floor and becoming free herself. The chains go flying towards the saltires, barely missing Zadkiel and Aar and managing to strike the body of a spearman. He fall to the ground under the weight of the massive chain hitting him at high speed. It is unclear whether or not he’s dead.

The rest of the kobolds clear the room and scatter while the animals bark and scream from their cages, obviously distraught at the commotion. Zadkiel and Aar are easily loosed from their moorings, although the fires in front of their faces still rage. Once free, they both have to climb around the back of the torture devices before clambering to the ground in order to avoid being burned.

Alone in the menagerie now, the Bards and the Dragons take a moment to collect themselves before considering their next action. Barking and shouting can be heard in the corridors, so it is unclear how long they have before trouble starts again.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +10XP



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