Kobold Hunt pt. 19


Lorrias manages to open the door to the Kobold structure, the creak of it going unnoticed by the fervant charging back and forth. It seems that no emergency is going on; Kobolds, it seems, simply enjoy rushing about. The room the door opens into appears to be a small armoury. The ceiling barely catering for a hunched posture, the five foot tall room looks to have been made by, and for, much smaller creatures. Regardless, Lorrias manages to move to the open doorway ahead and see the source of the dashing is Kobolds in a corridor. They rush hither and tither, both directions, ignoring or not seeing Lorrias as he presses against one wall. As two kobolds meet in the corridor, a small barking fight occurs before one of them crawls over the other. The corridors are barely wide enough to fit one person. With two directions to go, Lorrias is lost. To take the left corridor, he would be moving towards lots of yapping, barking and cheering sounds. To the right, he can hear wimpering sounds and get the occasional waft of something foul in the air. Either way, he’s not going to be able to sneak down these corridors. He is going to be seen one way or the other.

Zadkiel, noticing the priest poking at Aar, tries to move his hand in order to comfort the Kobold, pretending to be a friend. This move has worked on so many others before… Unable to move his hand, Zadkiel instead only rattles his chains, disappointment spreading over his face.

His face lifts, however, when he hears both the groaning and snapping of heavy metal chains and the roar of a mighty beast! Despite the fire nearly blinding him, Zadkiel peers through the flames to see the golden Dragon breaking free of his restraints. The priest next to him gives a bark, and dozens more kobolds flood into the room. They encircle the creature and thrust spears towards it, trying to herd it into the corner of the room. This Dragon, however, looks to be unimpressed. Leaning onto its hind legs and flapping its wings to help lift itself, the gold Dragon opens its mouth, letting rolling flames spill out onto the crowd around it. Most in range seem to die instantly, their skin burning off and the shock of it ending their small lives. Among those caught are the priest next to Aar… and Aar himself! The edge of the blast catches the Elfblood’s legs, searing his flesh and causing a cold stinging sensation to linger. Unable to care for his wounds, Aar lies strapped, stifling a scream through gritted teeth, tears streaming down his face.

Zadkiel turns back to try and peer through the flames before him, struggling to see the green Dragon struggle against her chains, yet more Kobolds falling to the ground near her. The carnage seems a mockery of the calm, albeit torturous, captivity of mere moments ago. Of those Kobolds left, only a handful remain in the room, spears drawn and pointing at the gold Dragon.

Roll initiative (1d20 + Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Aar takes 5 Hit Points of damage from the edge of the fire breath.

There are 5 Kobolds left in the room. There are 5 exits.

Hexfang +15XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +15XP
Aar +15XP
Lorrias +10XP



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