Kobold Hunt pt. 18

Tied Up

HexFang tries to move her tail, swishing from side to side trying to get free to grab the ropes and belts tying off her mouth; to no avail, alas. Gemscale tries the same, and again cannot move his tail much beyond what the tight metal chains allow. However he does manage to feel the hooks in the floor loosen as he lifts with all his might in one fluid motion. They groan and stretch as he moves his heft upwards as far as he can, but it’s not enough. He can’t straighten any of his limbs enough to apply his full strength or weight as leverage. He has, however, lessened the hold the chains have on him. If he tries a the same lift a few more times, perhaps a chain hook might be pulled from the ground.

Aar and Zadkiel struggle to see much beyond the flames, the sparks occassionally flying into their eyes and blinding them for a moment. These flames remain as a dark shape appears behind them, in front of the dragons.
[In Draconic]“Taytay see you, craterman. Taytay see all.”
When he doesn’t get a response: “Taytay get what Taytay want from craterman…” he whispers with a hiss, only Aar managing to make out what is said. With that he takes a serated dagger seemingly made from one piece of stone and drags it along Zadkiel’s arm, drawing blood. Taytay scoops the blood up in a pottery chalice, then dabs the wound with dirty rag. “Now Taytay do two rituals!” he roars in triumph, cackling as he turns and faces the dragons.
“Taytay make you not talk. Taytay tamer of dragons. Dragons obey Taytay when Taytay Dragon Overlord!” and with a smirk, he passes by closely to HexFang, secure in the knowledge that despite not being caged, the dragons are tied down firmly enough to not be a concern to him right now.

As Taytay wanders by the wolf enclosures, the creatures quiet down and stop rattling their cages. He can be heard more clearly explaining to the other priests that the blood of the Crater Man (Zadkiel) is to be put into a stoppered vial until he can commune again with the “Great Boom” as he calls it. It also seems the rituals need subjects, and that one involves the Dragon Eggs, the other the blood of Zadkiel.

The conversation turns to the Dragons and the Half-Elf; the Bard, it seems, is simply being held so he’s more fresh when they choose to eat him. The Dragons are being kept until the Egg ritual is completed, and then it seems the Dragons will be able to be controlled by the end result.

As Taytay leaves the room, he yells back to the priests: “Taytay gets Potuk’s share. Potuk not Taytay friend.” It seems that, if he’s alive, Potuk is also not in the good books.

One of the priests moves away from the chest and goes to inspect Aar, giving his legs a pinch to see how tender the meat is, a hungry look in his eyes.

What do you do?

Given the long rest you’ve all had, you all regain all lost Hit Points and spell slots, as well as Hit Dice and breath weapons.

Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +10XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +10XP



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