Kobold Hunt pt. 12

Foreseen Arrival

The stars continue their slow march across the sky as the group finds a small tree copse over the hill they ventured over in the first place. Performing a quick survey, HexFang and Gemscale determine this to be a fine place to rest. The lack of roaming humans, the recent parlay with the local Orc city and the fact that HexFang has opted to refrain from sleep to keep watch means that even though a thin veil of trees will offer little in the way of protection, it provides adequate shelter for the night. Thankfully, a cool wind and a clear sky are the worst the North offers at the moment. Potuk curls into a small bundle at the base of a tree in the periphery of HexFang's vision.

HexFang rests atop the nest of tangled branches, her weight distributed between the soft boughs. The sky begins a deep black with the northern colours swimming across the horizon. As it turns blue, and gains a golden sheen on the hills, the colours remain.

As Gemscale and Aar rouse from their slumber, the lack of sleep weighs heavily on HexFang. Tired and eager for a sleep herself, she fights it back and looks north to the Temple. A band of Kobolds appear to be gathering at the temple entrance, as several small dark shapes are moving about.

It appears that one of them is holding a tall staff with an icon of some kind in the top. Potuk looks momentarily shocked for a moment, and then shares with the Half-Elf. "Potuk see Taytay. Taytay big spirit seer in town. Taytay come when vision come."

The clear blue sky begins to get brighter in comparison to the dark grey pitched clouds huddling at the top of the mountain, the billowing vapours gathering far too quickly to be natural. A flash too quick to truly be seen scratches at their eyes as the party watches the thunderous apparition at the mountaintop; a few seconds pass before a mighty pop and the roll of thunder across the hills boils over them.

As the sound dwindles, a huge splash of snow and solid rock erupts from the side of the moutain sending some of it down to the temple below. A ball of flame streaks from the eruption down towards the valley, striking the ground with an almighty smack and dragging the ground for a hundred feet before resting against a towering crest of heat-hardened soil.

Gemscale, HexFang, Aar and Potuk all manage to pull their wits together enough to see the Kobolds on the far side of the valley starting to move, some moving much faster than others, perhaps riding war wolves.

Moments earlier, Zadkiel was bathed in celestial light. Now, as the flames rescind and the cold wind pulls at his exposed flesh on his face and arms, he whinces at the freezing sun of the North. Looking around, he sees a semi-sphere of compacted mud set as a wave behind him and over his head. Before him lies a torn track of earth several feet wide, beyond which the grassy field hits the base of a mountain, an impressive statue and paired structure at the base. Emerging from this structure are small, dark shapes seemingly charging towards him. At their speed, they should be upon him in barely two minutes.

What do you do?

HexFang has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning she has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +5XP
Zadkiel +0XP
Aar +5XP



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