Kobold Hunt pt. 10

History Lesson

Hexfang RevChris Simmons
Gemscale Will Stolz
Aaron Umberto de Feo

As Shadowflame and HexFang peer into the dark chasm of the temple corridors, Gemscale unfurls his wings again and, pushing off the ground with his legs, leaps into the air. After an exhausting 30 second sprint upwards, he finally reaches the roof of the building. While most of it looks riddled with holes, what remains appears to be intact and stable; the roof is a diamond lattice of support beams made of a slightly irridescent stone, the sections where the roof slabs have crumbled having been removed, seemingly by some sort of mining or digging; perhaps looters and scavengers have taken to harvesting materials from long abandoned temples.
On his way back down, Gemscale notes the wooden contruction as far as he can see. Given the lack of light, that's not far at all.

Aar carefully skulks forward, taking full advantage of the glints of moonlight bouncing from Gemscale on his descent back down in order to catch everything he can from the images on the walls.

Gemscale lands softly, puffing the air below him into a cushion with a mighty flap of his huge wings. HexFang pulls her allies in close and shares her plan to have Potuk vie for leadership using the Dragons as leverage. Potuk begins shaking his head almost involuntarily, his pupils tightening in terror.

As they discuss the plan and their next course of action, Aar and Gemscale share their findings on the temple after a minute or two of looking around. So far it seems this was a temple of simple worship, small by the standards of the people who built it. The corridors seem to have been built mostly to hold the artwork, moving around two central chambers that are inset into the ground a ways. Gemscale saw a dull orange fireglow from one of these rooms, and Potuk confirms that this is where the majority of the population will be, along with the mess and beast hold, where the eggs are. The beast hold also contains many animals the Kobolds are taming, such as lions, wolves, bears and the like. Nearly two thousand Kobolds live here, it seems, with these wooden corridors simply a covered patrol route and safe passage through the corridors to the exit. The local wildlife has taken to roaming the corridors, and Potuk tells of a small tree grove and bird flock in one corridor arm that seems relatively contained.

The wall murals depict the creation myth of the Titans, ancient Giants long since dead. They were four times the size of any Giant now, and lived long and simple lives. Their creation myth tells of a bright hillside, upon which lay a Titan. It grew restless and took the sunlight and put it in the ground. A tree grew, and the Titan took the fruit from the tree and put it in the ground. Another tree grows. The first tree is then smashed and from the timber, mountains are made and the stars are made from small pebbles thrown into the sky. While the murals go on further than can be seen right now, Gemscale recalls the story continuing to include the Titan breaking the second tree and getting a crystal from it, and that crystal becoming friends with the Titan. A very odd story indeed.

What do you do?

Hexfang +10XP
Gemscale +10XP
Shadowflame +10XP
Aar +10XP



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