Kobold Hunt

Hunted Hunters

The three discuss briefly the potential threat of the Kobolds and their reported farm raids, and how to deal with such. Gemscale, eager to act, spreads his wings and launches into the air. Hexfang and Cragenak watch in dismay at the arrogance of youth before walking steadily along the road back out of Hagijk. By the time they walk up the slope and through the gate, Gemscale has doubled back and soars above them, the remains of his kill further along the road.

It is only upon reaching into the late afternoon and cresting a low hill that the farmlands can be seen to the west and slightly south; the trio had travelled too far. A brief moment of frustrated silence between them then gives way to the Outlander using his skills at tracking. Noting the position of the farms, their proximity to patrol routes and the city and the terrain as he can see it, the Kobolds could be striking from one of four different directions. Without more information, he has no way of knowing where to go from here.

As the cool, dry air begins to give way to the night and cooler winds, distant wolf howls and various other animal noises take over from the chirping of insects and birds. Taking to the air again before needing to settle for the evening, Gemscale scans the horizon for any signs of Kobold activity. He sees something a little more pressing.

With Hexfang and Cragenak in a valley between rolling hills, Gemscale spots to their north a pack of kobold warriors, spears in hand, stalking the group. While some are darting between berry bushes in the twilight, their number appears to be around fifteen. Ahead to the east, two miles away, lies the nearest farm, the only shelter nearby.

Roll for initiative (1d20 + Dexterity bonus). What do you do?

Hexfang and Cragenak, please make perception checks. You need to beat a DC of 15 to be able to avoid being surprised.

Gemscale, you’re in the air currently, 30ft above the ground. The nearest Kobold is still 120ft away from you. They are on top of a hill.

Cragenak +5XP
Hexfang +5XP
Gemscale +5XP



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