Hyxhuathil Briefing pt. 6


Halfdan’s eyes glare furiously at the crossbow bolt as it flies by, and he slowly turns his head to follow the route back to where it came from as he still advances. Reaching his hand behind his back, he pulls the spear he carries free from its mooring.

Managing the steady themselves for the most part on the glassy floor, the group Knives and Hyln now find themselves with appear to be helping this one-armed man to some degree. HexFang, the dark-coloured green dragon, spins and throws his weight behind a tail whack. Stricking the rear wheel of the wagon, he manages to knock it out of its original position and stop it turning, splintering some of the wood. Knives runs a few steps, claws scratching into the ice to get a firm foothold, and slaps his hands down to the ground to launch himself up into the air. Twisting slightly in the air before splaying his arms and legs out wide, the Tabaxi lands on the back of the wagon behind Kejermann.

Zadkiel and Aar try to get out of the way of the wagon as it turns and pulls away. The horses skid and slide, eventually losing their footing and falling. They pull on their harnesses and the wood can be heard straining to hold the weight of the beasts. Kejermann shakes the reigns angrily, turns to get something and is confronted by Knives, his claws drawn and at the ready. Turning again to face the front of the wagon, his eyes lock with Halfdan’s. The roguish adventurer thinks back to his days piking in shallow riverbanks, and flexes his muscular arm back. Throwing it forward and releasing the spear, a part of him expects it to stop a few feet away stuck in a fish. It flies through the frosty air and strikes the wagon near the Svirfneblin thief. A visible shudder goes through the grey man, and he looks terrified. His gaze flicks about, looking for some way out of this situation.

The horses stand up and try move off again, and Kejermann lets out a sigh of relief, only to catch the end of it in a curse; Hyln, the Goliath that looks as a child amongst the Stone Giants, rushes to the front of the wagon and holds his hands up in a calming fashion. He coos and hushes the horses, trying to calm them down. The recent spear-throws, reign-pulls and loud commotion appear to overpower the attempt, however, and the horses strain and pull at the wagon, struggling to pull against the broken rear wheel.

Gemscale, ignoring the fight and concentrating on the Kobolds slipping and trying to get away from the whole mess, calls out. “Hey Kobold! What’s your business in this village?” his voice has a grating tone, each vowel stretched ever so slightly as his large mouth contends with the common tongue. The two try to look up as they scramble. Their faces are unfamiliar to Gemscale, but they look to have been burned in a way to cause as much pain as possible for as long as possible: they were tortured. The pain and loss in their eyes is haunting. They look as though they’re about to talk, when a shadow falls over them. Looking up, Gemscale can see that the Stone Giants are seeking to intervene. Three of them are towering over the scene and looking about, their hands seeming ready to pick someone up but they’re a little confused over what to do.

Halfdan, however, begins to feel drowsy as the dark shapes draw closer. His eyes blink closed for a moment, and then he shakes the drowsiness away. He looks up and around, eventually seeing that it was not a Giant but a mage. And not just any mage, but an Elfblood! Whether full Elf or Half-Elf as himself, Halfdan struggled to comprehend how a learned scholar of magics might consider themselves able to put an Elfblood to sleep. Lorrias, the Elf Wizard in question, raises both of his eyebrows in surprise, a worry in his eyes now that he’s been found out.

Roll for initative (1d20 + your dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Everyone apart from Halfdan and Knives must make a Dexterity saving throw (1d20 + your dexterity modifier (+ your proficiency bonus, if proficient)) if you want to move more than 10 feet due to the ice sheet on the floor.

Hexfang +15XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +10XP
Aar +5XP
Lorrias +15XP
Hyln +15XP
Knives +15XP
Halfdan +15XP



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